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10 Nachrichten, Die Er Nur Schickt, Wenn Er Auf Dich Steht

Do you have a crush on someone? Are you trying to figure out if they like you back? It can be difficult to tell if someone is interested in you, but there are signs that can help you out. One of the most reliable signs is the messages they send. Here are 10 messages he sends when he’s interested.

Signs He’s Into You

The first sign that he might be interested in you is if he initiates conversations. If he is the one who starts the conversation, it could be a sign that he’s interested in you. He might also text you out of the blue just to say hi or ask how your day is going.

Another sign is if he responds to your messages quickly. If he is always responding right away, it could mean that he is excited to talk to you and interested in what you have to say.

If he sends you longer messages, that’s also a good sign. If he is taking the time to write out thoughtful messages, it’s likely because he wants to get to know you better and make a connection.

10 Messages He Sends When He’s Interested

  1. Asks about your day
  2. Compliments you
  3. Wants to hang out
  4. Shares something about himself
  5. Sends thoughtful messages
  6. Responds quickly
  7. Asks personal questions
  8. Remembers details about you
  9. Sends you good morning/goodnight messages
  10. Jokes around with you

Having a crush on someone can often lead to more than its fair share of anxieties, as one might never know how the feeling is reciprocated. How can one be sure if someone has an interest in them?

Here are 10 signs that a person may be secretly into you, by his actions and communications.

1. He laughs at your jokes: If he finds everything you say to be amusing, even when it isn’t necessarily the funniest thing, he may be into you.

2. He sends you random text messages: If he sends random messages, as if out of the blue, chances are he is thinking of you, and wanting to start a conversation.

3. He compliments you: Compliments are usually a sure sign that someone is into you.

4. He remembers the small things: If he remembers the small things you mentioned, such as a favorite band or your pet’s name, it’s a sign he pays more than usual attention to what you say.

5. He talks about common interests: If he brings up topics you both share a passion for, it might mean he is willing to make an effort to connect with you.

6. He listens to you: If he truly listens when you’re talking, it means he is doing more than just being polite and that could be a sign of interest.

7. He talks a lot about you: If conversations somehow almost always end up being about you, he might be hinting at a special kind of interest in you.

8. He remembers and celebrates special days: If he remembers and congratulates you on important dates, such as your birthday or anniversary, it’s a sign he is paying attention and cares.

9. He’s always there when you need him: If he is always willing to be there and help, no matter what kind of situation, he might honestly be interested in you.

10. He mirrors your body language: Mirroring one’s body language is often seen as a sign of subconscious attraction.

So if you ever feel like someone is into you, check for these signs and you might just get a clue. Keeping an eye out for them is often a good way to discover someone’s true intentions.

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