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10 Reasons Why Custom Keyboard Is Your Best Gift Idea in 2023


Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the tech enthusiast in your life this year? Look no further than a custom keyboard! Custom mechanical keyboards have exploded in popularity over the past few years and make an amazing and unique gift in 2023.

A custom keyboard allows someone to personalize the look, feel, and functionality of their typing experience. It’s the perfect way to create a useful tool that matches their style and preferences. Here are 10 reasons why a custom keyboard is the best gift idea this year:

1. They’re Personalized

One of the best things about a custom keyboard is that you can customize it specifically for the gift recipient. Add their name, favorite colors, or other personal touches to make it truly one-of-a-kind. Laser engraving and specialty keycaps offer endless ways to make the keyboard special.

2. Mechanical Keyboards are High Quality

Mechanical keyboards far surpass cheap, standard membrane keyboards in quality. They use physical switches under each key to provide a tactile and responsive typing experience. The keys themselves are built to last much longer than typical keyboards. Overall, a mechanical keyboard makes typing a pleasure compared to squishy membrane types.

3. Programmable for Specific Needs

Many custom keyboards are programmable, allowing the user to change what each key does. This lets someone customize the layout specifically for their workflow. Programmable keyboards also allow for cool effects like macro recording, RGB lighting control, and more.

4. Swappable Switch Types

One of the biggest customization options is the switch type. Switches determine the keypress feel and come in linear, tactile, and clicky varieties. Letting someone choose their ideal switch is a big advantage of custom keyboards. Hot-swappable models allow them to change switches anytime.

5. Custom Keycap Options

Replacing the keycap sets provides all kinds of ways to personalize both the look and feel of typing. Choose from colors, materials like PBT or ABS, novelties like emoji keys, and more. Let them pick their favorite keycap set to match their style.

6. Make it Any Layout

Custom keyboards allow choosing just about any layout imaginable. Go with a common 104-key, 75% keyboard layout or compact 60% size, or get wild with Alice, Split, Ortho, or Ergodox layouts. This freedom lets you create the perfect keyboard for anyone’s needs.

7. Media Controls & Macros

Programmable keyboards can do much more than just type. Many include programmable macros for automating tasks and dedicated media keys for controlling audio, video, volume and more. Useful extras like these make an amazing gift.

8. RGB Lighting Effects

Trick out a custom keyboard with programmable RGB lighting effects in millions of colors. Lighting modes range from reactive typing, wave patterns, color cycling, and much more. RGB lighting takes keyboards to the next level.

9. Build It Together

For an extra special gift, build a custom keyboard together with the recipient. Let them choose parts and keycaps, then spend quality time assembling their new keyboard. It’s a great bonding activity and makes the final product more meaningful.

10. Unique and Fun Gift

At the end of the day, a custom keyboard is just an awesome and unique gift. It shows you put thought into finding something meaningful and functional. The recipient will enjoy personalizing and using their new keyboard for years to come. It’s sure to impress anyone who loves technology.


A custom mechanical keyboard makes the perfect gift in 2023 for anyone who types at a computer. With limitless personalization options, high-quality components, and useful features like macros and RGB lighting, it blows an ordinary keyboard out of the water. Take the time to tailor it specifically to someone’s style and needs for a gift they’ll treasure for years to come. A custom keyboard is a useful, customizable, and incredibly fun gift idea.

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