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2023 Recap: A Year of Growth and Innovation with Controlio

Controlio has served as a beacon of innovation in the ever-evolving world of data security, productivity enhancement, and compliance adherence. We’re bidding farewell to 2023 with a look back at the remarkable milestones and breakthroughs that have marked this year for Controlio. Here are some highlights from Controlio’s journey this year, including being recognized by prestigious institutions and introducing cutting-edge solutions.

Forbes Applauds Controlio’s Comprehensive Monitoring Capabilities

This year, Controlio’s dedication to providing top-notch monitoring solutions was recognized again by Forbes – a symbol of excellence in the business world. In November, Forbes named Controlio as the #1 Overall Employee

Monitoring Software. This distinction solidifies Controlio’s position in the industry.

But resting on laurels is not in Controlio’s DNA. The organization remains focused on maintaining its status as an industry frontrunner, promising even more in the upcoming year to uphold its reputation for offering the most comprehensive monitoring and behavior analytics platform. Forbes joins PCMag, Finances Online and Crozdesk in having Controlio, the best employee monitoring software.

The strength of Controlio is its ability to protect against insider threats and utilize behavioral data to improve processes. This year, a significant milestone was reached with the introduction of Business Process Optimization (BPO). To optimize a business process, it is crucial to understand the actions of each employee. The success of BPO was based on this precise understanding of user behavior delivered by Controlio’s analytics.

Using Controlio, a prominent financial institution was able to eliminate over 80 hours of processing time from its customer due diligence process. Data-driven insights underpin Controlio’s commitment to enhancing overall processes.

Empowering Organizations with Enhanced Control and Visibility

In 2023, Controlio’s platform witnessed remarkable growth by introducing two pivotal features – in-app field parsing and scriptable rule logic. In addition to gathering specific behavior analytics, these features enable organizations to enforce behavioral policies tailored to their unique requirements.

The in-app field parsing feature ushers in a new era of insight. Now, organizations can track field-level activities within apps and websites, including custom applications.

This depth of analysis reveals invaluable details, such as how much time users spend in specific form fields or working with particular content, ultimately contributing to productivity enhancement and security reinforcement.

Moreover, scriptable rule logic empowers organizations to craft custom rules, adapting Controlio to their distinct use cases. This flexibility in monitoring and policy enforcement is a game-changer, ensuring that regardless of the uniqueness of user behaviors, Controlio offers a solution.

Fulfilling Wishes with Controlio Wishlist

As Controlio expanded its platform this year, it also revolutionized its approach to growth with Controlio Wishlist. Serving as a feature request forum and customer-centric roadmap, Controlio Wishlist bridges the gap between users and development. It empowers users to suggest features, vote on suggestions, and track development progress. The recent updates to the platform, including improved bulk activity classification and enhanced schedule customization, were influenced by

Wishlist contributions, showcasing Controlio’s dedication to its users’ needs. Controlio offers quality customer support and effective features that help business owners to grow.

Education Empowers: Introducing Controlio

Understanding the potential of behavior analytics and user data is crucial for businesses aiming to harness their power. Enter Controlio Academy, a 2023 launch that paves the path for skill acquisition. This certification program provides on-demand training, offering insights into behavior analytics and effective utilization of the Controlio platform. Open to all, Controlio Academy supports the public with free courses that empower them to unlock the full potential of their data.

A Glimpse into 2023 and Beyond

As 2023 draws to a close, Controlio has a bright future ahead. The dawn of a new year heralds the launch of the Partner Program, promising enhanced functionality and resources for partners. Controlio is pushing boundaries in technology by integrating AI capabilities with its comprehensive behavioral analytics. This amalgamation is set to redefine the utilization of user data, amplifying business operations and security measures.

In a world where data protection and operational efficiency are paramount, Controlio continues to stand as a beacon of innovation, leading the charge towards a safer, more efficient future for businesses worldwide.

In the ever-evolving landscape of data-driven decision-making and security, Controlio continues to lead the charge, inspiring businesses to embrace behavioral data as a strategic asset. With a trajectory marked by excellence, Controlio envisions a future where businesses operate with unprecedented efficiency, security, and insight.

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