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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Listing Agent    

Selecting a selling agency based purely on two criteria—the highest list price for their house and the lowest commission—is the most significant error that home sellers make when choosing a listing agent. But in many cases, these two requirements are wholly unrelated and have little to do with selecting a good agent. Besides, carefully consider the agent’s professionalism and the business they represent when selecting a listing agent to sell your house. Avoid the classic traps of thinking that a low commission rate is a good bargain, that a high list price indicates more possibility for profit, and that the agent’s prior success assures your future success. You may discover the best listing agent like The Kay-Grant Group or any other and stay away from the wrong one by using the tips on mistakes to avoid when finding listing agents.

Assuming Low Commission As A “Good Deal”: Most of the time, state laws or corporate policies governing the listing agent’s employer will dictate the commission a real estate agent will receive for selling your house. Although it happens more frequently in commercial real estate, some brokers negotiate commissions. Is it still a bright idea if your listing agent offers to lower the commission? No, not always. A successful listing agent is worth the commission you pay since selling real estate is labor-intensive. It may be a sign that a person’s service isn’t worth the going rate if they are ready to accept a lesser commission.

Mistaking Maximum List Price For More Profit: Your home’s list price needs to be determined by current market conditions rather than what you want to acquire. It is conceivable for a listing agent to set a high price for your home, knowing full well that it will not sell at that price and would need to be decreased later to get you to list with them. You and the agent will have entered a listing agreement before then. Do not always assume that a higher listing price indicates a better listing agent. The ideal agent will evaluate your demands and preferences in light of the market’s circumstances and recommend a list price in line with those considerations.

Ignoring the Red Flags: Some real estate professionals are better at selling themselves than your house. Find out the reputation of the listing agent in the market. Do they present in a formal manner? Are they polite yet firm? Do they have integrity and expertise?

Don’t disregard cautionary indications. It would be best if you did not use a listing agent that can convince you of their worth in person but has signage that needs repair, is late for appointments, or takes a while to return your calls.

Final Thoughts:

A listing agent like The Kay-Grant Group or any other firm that successfully leads their company needs to be treated seriously. Success doesn’t mean as much, though, if it happened at a company where the typical house is very different from yours or in a market far from where you are. Verify your listing agent’s particular experience with the properties in your community.

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