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4 Advantages of Staying at an Extended Stay Hotel

Heading out for more than a few days? You might want to reconsider your default lodging choices and look for something along the lines of an extended-stay hotel.

Not too long ago, if you wanted to stay in a hotel for more than a week, you had to jump through hurdles to get permission. But the hospitality industry is evolving to meet the high demand of leisure and corporate travelers who want to stay a while.

Now, you get the benefit of choosing one place to hang your hat (and other things), plus the advantages of staying in this competitive sector. From long-term rates to impressive amenities, here are four advantages of booking an extended-stay hotel for your lodging needs.

1. They’re More Welcoming

Hotels are notoriously bland because the guests who stay in them come and go quickly. But extended stay locations purposely try to bring furniture and decor that make people feel at home.

You’ll find things like pillow menus, comfy beds, office desks and chairs, and kitchen appliances are standard. There may be multiple “rooms,” including the bedrooms and a small kitchenette connected via a small study area.

Color palettes are warm rather than neutral, providing anyone staying in the space with a relaxed atmosphere. The idea is that if you’re going to be calling the room your home for more than a few days, it should have all the creature comforts that help you feel content.

2. You Get Better Rates

Affordability is a crucial factor for people when they book hotel rooms. It’s especially important to consider the rates if you’re staying for a while.

Extended stay hotel prices are usually discounted from the normal nightly rates. Some hotels offer weekly or monthly deals, giving you a chance to stay at a higher-quality establishment than you might have otherwise been able to afford.

If you’re staying somewhere for corporate travel, you’re limited to your per diem amount. Extended stay rates can help you stay within this budget easier, and, as we’ll discuss next, may even include some complimentary amenities that cushion your Meals and Incidentals expenses.

3. The Amenities are Impressive (and Some are Free!)

Management focuses on the amenities offered to compete with other hotels in the hospitality industry. It’s not enough to provide guests with a comfy bed and a coffeepot anymore. Now, visitors expect impressive amenities and complimentary services.

When staying at a hotel as a long-term guest, check the hotel’s list of free benefits. You’ll likely have daily free continental breakfast options and possibly a daily snack and beverage time in the lobby or dining area.

Other amenities we’ve come to expect include:

  • Fitness facilities and indoor or outdoor pools
  • Coffee and other hot beverages in the room
  • Complimentary toiletries (in the room and on request)
  • High-speed WiFi with no added charge

You may have to pay for certain amenities, such as laundry and room service, and tipping is usually expected. Still, if you’re going to be staying somewhere awhile, it beats finding a laundromat or eating on the go all the time.

One way that many extended-stay hotels vary is in their housekeeping services. Some places don’t include regular housekeeping, only sending their staff in once or twice per week. If this factor is important to you, look for a hotel that offers on-demand or daily housekeeping services. You may have to pay more, but you won’t have to deal with the hassle of cleaning up.

4. Room Features Make it Easy to Feel at Home

The in-room features in these types of hotels might just be enough to make you want to stay longer. You’ll have access to the kitchenette, which includes the basic pots, pans, and other accessories you need to cook. The refrigerator, stove, and microwave make it easy to skip the restaurant life and eat your favorite meals in your room.

Your study area is comfortable enough for you to work on your laptop and set up your travel equipment. If you need something printed, you can send it to the hotel’s printer (for a fee).

You’ll also get to enjoy your preferred streaming services on the hotel’s smart TV by logging into your account. Keep in mind that not all services are available internationally.

Extended-stay hotels strive to provide guests with the most important aspects of their home, and, in some places, this includes a pet-friendly policy.


With so many travelers on the road for long stays, the hospitality industry has evolved to keep up with their needs. Whether you’re heading out for a vacation or a job away from home, consider the benefits of an extended-stay hotel for your lodging choice.

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