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5 Of The Most Common Projects That Require Scaffolding

Scaffolding is used to give tradespeople and inspectors safe and convenient access to all manner of buildings and structures. From steel to bamboo, they can be made from different materials and used for a whole host of different projects. On your daily commute you likely see at least one scaffolding structure already set up, or in the process of being erected. 

If you’ve got a project coming up, or are simply curious as to when somewhen might require the help of local scaffolders in Hampshire, here is a guide to 5 of the most common projects that benefit from scaffolding:

  • Home improvements

A lot of home improvement projects require scaffolding, particularly on two story or higher properties, while roof work on a bungalow may require it as well. From kitchen extensions to loft conversions, being able to work safely at height is essential, as are platforms for contractors to stand on, or rest their equipment. Fortunately, professionally erected scaffolding guarantees just that. 

While a lot of home improvement projects don’t require scaffolding, if you’re planning on carrying out some work and aren’t sure whether to have it erected or not, you can call a local company and ask for their guidance. 

  • Painting and decorating

When painters and decorators are required to work at height, scaffolding becomes much more than merely an option; it becomes a necessity. Enabling them to safely carry out their work without fear of falling, and without the inconvenience of having to fetch tools and paint from somewhere else each time they need to swap colours, for example, scaffolding and the platforms that can also be erected, simply enable painters and decorators to do their job more effectively.  

  • Building repairs

While height alone is a significant risk factor for anyone carrying out property maintenance work, there is also an increased risk of injury due to the nature of the repairs being made. For example, if a roofing contractor has been hired to carry out repairs to a roof, the entire surface may not be stable, tiles may be missing, or structures such as a chimney may fall on them and cause them to topple over the side. On two story buildings, a fall from a roof can prove fatal, and at the very least, may see the individual suffer lifechanging injuries. Professionally erected scaffolding helps keep those repairing properties safe.

  • Window cleaning

While a ladder might suffice for cleaning windows on an average two or three story building, for anything taller, such as commercial buildings, offices and hotels, scaffolding is required to give window cleaners the safety they need. In some instances, window cleaners are tasked to clean at heights of twenty storeys or more, and falling from that height would almost certainly be a death sentence. While harnesses can be helpful, too, a Hampshire scaffolding company will erect scaffolding that gives window cleaners a stable platform to work from, and added peace of mind that they can carry out their work effectively and safely. 

Building inspections

Designed to check the safety and credibility of buildings and all other structures, building inspections can’t be successfully carried out without scaffolding being erected, as they would be unable to properly review the various elements making up the structure. With some parts situated hundreds of metres above ground level, professionally erected scaffolding enables building inspectors to carry out their work successfully. 

If you’re not sure whether your project requires scaffolding, it’s best to check with a local scaffolding company who can better guide you. If it’s deemed necessary, they can also erect it safely to make sure it’s stable and sturdy, as it should be.

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