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5 Proven Tactics to Improve Email Open Rates

Are your emails falling on deaf ears?

The goal is simple; sent emails are to get action through clicks or replies. Though, many times, it is quite the opposite.

You can improve your email open rates with the right email marketing tactics. With the right strategies, you can increase the odds of people clicking and opening your emails.

You can easily set yourself apart from the competition and get ahead of other companies by having a higher email open rate. Here are five proven tactics that can increase your newsletter open rates.

Read on.

1. Clear Call to Action

Clear call to action is a proven tactic to boost your email open rates. Crafting attention-grabbing subject lines that include call-to-actions directs people to open and engage with your emails.

Emails should be visually appealing with an easily visible and prominent call-to-action button. Emails should include relevant and compelling content to ensure the reader is driven to carry out the desired action.

2. Personalize Your Subject Line

Personalizing your email subject lines is an important tactic to improve open rates. You can use the recipient’s or company name to create a subject line that feels tailored just for them.

Subject lines that reference past conversations are also effective, showing the customer you care about their needs. Adding a question mark or emoji in the subject line can subtly grab readers’ attention and encourage them to open your email.

3. Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is one of the most effective and proven tactics to improve email open rates. This ensures emails can easily be read and accessed on smartphones and tablets.

Emails should be concise, easy-to-read text and a clear, compelling CTA that can be tapped easily on a mobile device. Also, remember that images and videos will be blocked by default on most mobile devices, so the foremost priority should be readable content.

4. Send Emails at the Right Time

Sending an email at the incorrect time can lead to poor open rates and cause it to be overlooked by the intended recipient. It is better to figure out the best times for email sending and stick to those times accordingly.

Timing emails should be tailored to the schedule of the intended recipient. Similarly, mass emails should also be tailored to the geographical region of the intended recipient, as people in different locations may have different preferences for when an email should be sent.

This can be accomplished by sending Salesforce mass emails during the most suitable times for each demographics.

5. Avoid Spam Triggers

Improving email open rates is all about avoiding spam triggers. To do this, avoid using words and phrases in the subject line that are typically associated with spam, such as “EARN MONEY NOW” or “FREE OFFER.”

Ensure the email’s content is relevant to the person receiving it. That means not sending the same message to your entire mailing list but rather segmenting it according to their interests and individual preferences.

Change Your Email Open Rates for the Better

By using subject lines that are personalized, catchy, and relevant to the email content; sending emails from a trusted sender; and optimizing emails for mobile devices, you can see an increase in email open rates.

Try out these tactics today to noticeably improve your open rates!

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