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5 Reasons Students Need Technology in the Classroom

Modern technology is something that makes our life comfortable and interesting and helps us in many aspects, including education. If you are not sure whether it is like that, in this article, we have prepared 5 reasons that prove the importance of technological progress in education.

1. Eliminates “barriers”

The biggest problem of teaching was that in the past, teachers, in most cases, were forced to either show in pictures what they were talking about or generally limited themselves to the oral presentation of the material. Now you can make the lesson more interactive and fun. Imagine using modern technology to show your students the Mariana Trench and the Underwater Falls, walk along the Great Wall of China with them, or visit the Prado or the Louvre without even leaving the classroom. Technology is blurring physical and geographic boundaries, and thanks to technology like virtual reality, you will have the full effect of presence. Thus, the information received is absorbed much easier and remembered for a longer time, vivid emotions contribute to the creation of images that stick in the memory, and this information remains with a person for many years.

2. Gives quicker access to information

Many students admit that going to the library was one of the most disliked parts of the learning process. It always took several hours to find the necessary information, and sometimes it could take several days to complete the study. Today, when the pace of life has accelerated significantly and continues to do so, two days spent in the library look like an unaffordable luxury. Thanks to modern technology, we can find information much faster, the main thing is to formulate the query correctly, and the search engine will be able to return several articles or sources that most closely match your topic. Also, thanks to modern technology, you can solve your problem with homework and, in particular, writing an essay much faster. If something does not work out for you, then you can always turn to a special service. For example, with company, you can always be sure that you will receive high-quality work in accordance with all your requirements, which you do not have to check or add on your own.

3. Brings fun into the classroom

Never underestimates the importance of having fun during the lessons. Not only students but adults as well use technology in their everyday life almost all the time, to relax, to enjoy the time. And education should not be an exception. Technology can make learning more fun and exciting, for example, using a game-based learning method, meaning that the teachers can give lessons via interactive games and leaderboards. We all love games, and if playing games can improve our knowledge and have a positive effect on our studies, then we should definitely try it.

4. Allows studying online

Modern technologies and online learning have become a real salvation for all educational institutions during a pandemic. In the beginning, many could not imagine how to continue to educate so that our children do not become a lost generation in terms of knowledge. Schools, colleges, and universities have been gradually looking for a way to adapt to the current situation, and it is online education that has become the best option. Of course, it was quite difficult for many teachers and professors to cope with all the changes, but now those who used to be wary of the computer and needed help just to turn on the PS and print some files for the lesson, calmly create online conferences, post assignments in a virtual office and is not afraid of other gadgets. Many people, especially the older generation, have realized how much convenience this gives and how it can optimize the learning process.

5. Helps students to be responsible online

Everyone will agree that it’s absolutely essential to teach children how to act legally, ethically, and safely online. With all the dangers we can face when clicking some webpage, we should understand how to protect our private information, how to identify the potential risks, and how not to become a bully online. And if you think that you cannot be fooled online, just watch some videos from psychologists and different social researchers about how easily people, especially teenagers and kids can be tricked. Even though they’ve been warned million times by their parents about talking to strangers. Yes, you cannot be hurt online, but you have to understand the consequences of posting your personal information, and you should learn how to identify sources and risks of misinformation, you should know your digital rights and responsibilities, and it’s a nice idea to elaborate together with your teachers and other students the best model of online behavior. And even though it might seem that students in college know everything, many still become the victims of scammers or send their private pictures to strangers and then are blackmailed. 

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