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5 Tips for Higher Productivity with Data Collection App

Data collection is crucial to any business. Whether a small retail shop or a large corporation, staying on top of your data is important to ensure you’re doing what’s best for your business.

Mobile data collection apps can help you do this by making it easy and convenient to track the information that matters most. Here are 5 tips you can follow for higher productivity with data collection apps.

Use Offline Data Collection

Offline data collection allows you to collect data without an internet connection. This can be helpful when you do not have an internet connection or if you want to avoid using the internet for some reason (e.g., if you need to protect your company’s IP).

To collect offline data, use your app’s ‘Offline Mode feature. You can enable offline mode by tapping on the circle icon on the main screen of your app and then turning it green so that it turns into a checkmark. Once this is done, a message will pop up saying, “Off-line Mode Enabled”, and your device will be ready to go offline!

Attach Photos & Files

You can attach photos and files to your records. This can be useful if you need to capture information that may not be in the field (for example, identifying a plant or finding the location of a building). Attaching images and files allows you to track them without searching for them later. You also have access to all your attached data when generating reports and exporting them as PDFs or Excel spreadsheets.

Gather Data from Your Field Workers

With a mobile data collection app, you can gather data from your field workers. The collected data can be in photos, audio recordings or written notes. This information can be collected via mobile phones, tablets or laptops by the field workers or other employees assigned to this task.

The collected information is instantly transmitted, so it does not have to be manually entered into the system later. This ensures that all information has been gathered and recorded in real-time, thus increasing productivity among team members who use the app and reducing costs associated with the manual entry of data into systems later on.

Use Pre-Set Templates

There are two types of templates: pre-set data collection forms and ad-hoc data collection forms. The former can collect data regularly from different sources, while the latter allows you to create custom templates for specific purposes.

The pre-set templates in the mobile data collection pp include a wide range of options that allow you to streamline your work more efficiently by eliminating repetitive tasks and providing an easy way to capture all relevant information, even if it might not be available all at once.

Go Paperless

It’s no secret that paper is a huge source of waste, not to mention the time it takes to maintain and organize it. With data collection apps, you can go paperless and save time and money immediately. A recent study even found that going paperless can increase your productivity by up to 40%! On top of all that, going paperless also makes better decisions easier for everyone involved in the process—from management teams down to warehouse workers.

Make Reports and Analysis

You can use data to make decisions and improve processes. Data collection apps will allow you to create reports and analyses, providing you with a clear understanding of your company’s performance. Employees can access data in real-time. This will enable them to be more proactive when solving problems or making changes to improve efficiency.


The last thing to remember when using a mobile data collection app is that it’s not just about getting more out of the time you spend working. It’s also about ensuring that your employees can focus on what they do best on their phones or tablets.

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