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5 Ways to Complement Your Benzoyl Peroxide Wash Action

When you use benzoyl peroxide wash products as the manufacturers direct you to, there’s a very good chance that you’ll be able to kiss goodbye to the worst of your acne. Depending on your skin type, you need to find the right concentration (products typically range in strength between 2.5%-10%) and the right frequency of application. 

So, if you’re doing all of these things and you’re not quite getting the results you’re after quickly enough, it might be time to look beyond your skincare routine. With this in mind, we now take a glance at the things you can do to allow your BP wash to do what it does more effectively. 

#1 – Support Your Benzoyl Peroxide Wash By Knowing Your Triggers

Everyone’s acne is different, which also means that the triggers that cause breakouts will vary from person to person. As such, one of the most crucial factors in this particular equation of acne care is understanding what your personal triggers are. 

If you’re not sure, maybe start an acne diary, which will highlight patterns to understand what makes your pimples appear. Your benzoyl peroxide wash will have to contend with much less if you take the time to find out what your triggers are. 

#2 – Scrutinize the Labels On the Food You Eat 

Typically speaking, if you have food triggers for your acne, then it’s usually going to be caused by one of three things; 1) iodine, 2) vitamin B12 or 3) vitamin B7. So, once you’ve determined which of these triggers your acne, it’s about avoiding these elements in the food you consume each day. 

You’ll find iodine in table salt, pre-packaged food, and cows milk, while you’ll find vitamins B12 and B7 in foods like cooked eggs, nuts, salmon and sweet potatoes. 

#3 – Keep Your Hair Clean & Oil-Free

Another acne-related issue many sufferers often forget is the impact that greasy hair can have on acne – especially when your hair is long. That’s because it drapes over your skin, transferring its own oil onto your face and adding to the problem. To avoid this effect, wash your hair regularly and keep it tied back – so your skin can stay oil-free. 

#4 – Stay Away From Tanning Beds

There’s an old wives’ tale going around that the sun’s rays help to clear acne up and that you shouldn’t wear sunscreen because of it. However, this is quite a long way from the truth, as the sun will dry out your skin, making it produce extra sebum as a result. 

That means staying away from tanning beds and out of the sun and if you do go out in it, make sure you wear sunscreen – always. 

#5 – Don’t Blend BP Products 

If you’re keen to get rid of your acne (and why wouldn’t you be?), it can feel like you want to accelerate matters by doubling up and choosing more than one BP product. That’s the last thing you want to do, as all you’ll usually do is make your skin red and painful.

Only ever use one BP product at a time, as they’re simply not designed to be used together, meaning that any usual irritation is just going to be magnified. 

Helping Your Benzoyl Peroxide Wash Reach Its Full Potential

There’s little doubt that BP wash is super effective at getting rid of acne when it’s used right. However, it’s still not guaranteed to rid you of your pimples, so you should do everything you can to support it. Follow the tips as laid out above and you might just find your skin improves.

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