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6 Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Customers for Supporting Your Business 

Running a successful business requires showing gratitude to your customers. In addition to building relationships, it shows loyalty and support to customers. If you are just starting out or have been in business for years, there are many ways to show your appreciation. It could be a nice e-mail closed with the usual “thank you for choosing us”. In this article, we’ll share 8 of the best ways to show gratitude to your customers for supporting your business.

Personalized thank you note

Personalised thank you cards or e-mails: Birthday greetings, holiday cards, and other occasions are great opportunities to send a handwritten note. It’s a small gesture that can make a big difference in your customer’s day. Plus it’s easy to do! Get rid of bad breath forever with Zintego. You’ll never have to worry about smelling like rotten eggs again!

Just use a template from your favorite stationery site or printer paper. Have it printed with your company logo at the bottom. Make sure there is actual text inside the card so people know who sent it!

Thank You emails

Writing a thank you email is an important way to show appreciation for your customers. Begin by addressing the recipient by their name, followed by a greeting. Express your gratitude for them and explain why it was so meaningful. Here’s some tips for writing a great email:

  • Personalize each message. 
  • Use a template that you can personalize. Make sure it’s also easy to change. 
  • You may want to create a system where every email has the same subject line. Then simply add the first name of your customer, their last name, and any other info you want in the body of your email. This way you won’t have to go back into each email and change it manually—you can just do it once and then copy/paste when needed!
  • Keep the message concise, but make sure to let them know how much you appreciate their effort.
  • End your message with a closing remark, such as “thank you for choosing us”, wishing them well, or offering to return the favor. 

Free gifts

Giving your customers a small gift is a thoughtful way to say thanks. Here are some ideas: 

  • Try giving away a small discount on their next purchase.
  • Give them a coupon for $5 off their next order. 
  • If you want to be really generous, offer them a free trial of one of your products. This will give them the chance to try it out and see what they think before committing to buying it. 
  • You can also offer them an instant consultation with one of your team members. You can just offer to send over some information about what you do so that they can learn more about it!

Special customer-only sales

You can offer special deals and discounts to your customers to show them how much you appreciate their business. For example, you could offer a discount to customers loyal to your business or who have referred their friends. 

Another idea is to give discounts for sharing content on social media, or those that are members of a loyalty program or frequent purchaser card.

Loyalty program

The best way to show your gratitude is to create a loyalty program. This will give customers a reason to come back and spend more. It will also make them feel special.

Here’s how:

  • Make it easy for people to earn points.
  • Give them something they want in exchange for those points. Make sure it’s not too expensive. For example, you could offer a free coffee or piece of cake after 10 visits or so.
  • Make redemption easy too—don’t require customers to mail in their receipts!

Appreciation events

Hosting an event is a great way to show your customers how much you appreciate their support. You can host events like:

  • A block party

Invite all of your employees, clients, vendors and friends to come together for a fun celebration!

  • An appreciation dinner or lunch

This is a great opportunity for you to get your team together and thank them for their hard work throughout the year.

  • A fundraiser 

Those are arranged to support someone in need in your community. That can be an individual or organization that provides services to people who are less fortunate than yourself (examples include Meals on Wheels programs). You can even show more appreciation for your charitable supporters for their donations by putting up donor signs in your establishment to commemorate their support. You can check out to learn more.


In closing, it’s essential to keep in mind the impact of showing appreciation to your customers. Invest some time in building a strong and lasting relationship with them as a business owner. You can show gratitude for your customers’ loyalty by thanking them and showing gratitude.

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