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7 Best Zoos in Europe to Visit With Your Family 

While Europe is full of beautiful cities, plenty of historical sites, and amazing natural grounds, there is also a wide variety of entertainment to choose from. And if we mix that up with the nature we just mentioned, we get some great zoos! 

With rare animal species, some of the most intricate designs, and natural surroundings, European zoos work wonders if you put them on your itinerary. Here are some of the best options for you! 

  • Prague Zoo, Prague

Let’s explore what the Czech Republic has to offer. The famous Prague Zoo dates all the way back to the 19th century, and over the years, it has become one of the most prestigious zoos in the world. 

There are over five thousand animals living there, hundreds of species, and the most beautiful settings. People tend to come here not only for the animals but for the countryside as well. The locals also say that it takes up to five hours to explore until you feel like you have seen it thoroughly. So, make sure you visit! 

  • Hellabrunn Zoo, Munich

Let’s continue getting to know some of the most precious animals in Europe by taking a quick Prague to Munich train. Here, we can visit the Hellabrunn Zoo, one of the leading animal homes on the continent. Situated right next to the River Isar, it offers you great views inside and out. Prepare to meet gorillas, elephants, giraffes, wood bison, and others! 

Overall, there are nearly eight hundred animals here, some exotic and some native, all handpicked and carefully looked after. We guarantee some great adventures and lovely memories to take home, so make sure you give it a chance. 

  • Vienna Zoo, Vienna

Austria’s capital city is known for more than just elegant cityscapes and a high appreciation for art. They also love animals here! The key thing to remember before going is that you should leave enough time in the day to truly explore it. The estate is vast, and there are too many lovely creatures to see. Those actually include cheetahs, zebras, and polar bears. 

  • Tropicarium Park, Lido di Jesolo

Right next to Venice and its graceful terrain lies the colorful and charming town of Lido di Jesolo, which offers you quite a tropical adventure and a wide variety of rare animals. The main reason Tropicarium Park differs from all the other zoos on the list is not only its less-popular location or size but also the fact that it mainly houses tropical animals. And it is not a common sight in Italy! 

  • Bioparco di Roma, Rome

You know, while we are still in Italy, let’s just take the train from Venice to Rome and see some more rare animals living comfortably here. Bioparco di Roma, or simply Rome Zoo, is a 17-hectare estate and a wonderful home to over a thousand rare species, wildlife that gets to stay wild, and also many of which fall under the exotic criteria. It dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, so, like many things in Rome, it only got better with time. 

  • Whipsnade Zoo, London

Welcome to the biggest zoo in Europe! Spread across approximately 245 acres in the northern part of London, Whipsnade Zoo is one of the most exciting yet often overlooked sightseeing sites in the UK. Well, all of Europe, to be honest. 

There are more than 2,500 animals living here, most of which are actually endangered in the wild. So, it kind of makes a special occasion if you see them. Whipsnade Zoo can also be the place to restore your faith in zoos, as the inhabitants are very well taken care of, especially knowing that most of them are in danger of becoming extinct. 

  • Zoo Parc de Beauval, Centre-Val de Loire 

Lastly, let’s take a trip to France. Not only is it known for the widely acclaimed heritage sites like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, or the Louvre, but for its stunning, top-quality entertainment zoo! 

ZooParc de Beauval houses an extreme number of animals within the estate. And when we say extreme, we mean extreme. Over 35 thousand animals scattered around 40 hectares might sound a bit stuffy, but the conditions are actually very good. Among them, you can see packs of white lions and white tigers, sloths, reptiles, manatees, and many more. Though, for ZooParc de Beauval, we suggest taking out the whole day. 

There you go! Make sure to do some further research and pick a couple of zoos that speak to you the most. Each of these seven is unique and has its own pros to visit, so whichever you choose – impossible to make a mistake. Talk to some animals, enjoy the surroundings, and have a great adventure! 

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