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7 Products You Can’t Sell Online

(Illegal Without Permits)

Shopping online has simplified your life. Almost every kind of product can now be purchased on the internet via ecommerce companies, but there are still certain things that cannot be sold online—and others that are difficult to sell online. Something you can’t sell online generally falls into two categories: products that don’t sell well on the internet, and illegally on the internet. Furthermore, since each area and country has its own rules and regulations, shipping and ordering from other countries might be complicated. To be on the right side of the law, do your homework before selling online.


In most places, you can buy alcohol online and have it delivered to your door. But there are certain exceptions.

Most countries, including a few states in the United States, do not allow online liquor retailers to ship to them. Shipping alcohol directly is illegal in numerous areas, with serious legal consequences.


I hope it won’t be necessary to explain why it is illegal to sell guns online. If drinking alcohol puts the public at risk, using guns is disastrous. However, relatively few types of weapons are legal for retail sale nationwide, and they also need permits to acquire and sell them.


Tobacco fans may acquire certain things online, but cigarettes are seldom among them. This implies that cigarette smokers must continue to purchase locally. Cigars and other tobacco products can usually be bought online, though some states have restrictions. Most countries, for example, prohibit both internet cigar and cigarette sales. Check your local or national laws before you try to sell or buy tobacco products online to avoid getting in trouble with the law.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Again, the rules vary by state, but some states don’t let you buy things on the internet or ship fresh fruits and vegetables to another state. Most countries impose severe restrictions in this region due to concerns about agricultural pest invasions. Most states also have labeling, handling, and packaging rules that must be observed.


Concerns about animal commerce are legitimate among animal lovers. Shopping for a pet online and bringing it to your house is allowed in many jurisdictions, yet animal rights activists are concerned. Each state and region has rules about how domestic animals can be moved from one place to another.

Buying exotic animals is a separate story and is banned in several places, online or in person. If you are offered an exotic pet online, do your homework to see if it is allowed in your state, region, or nation.

Prescription Medicine

Many online pharmacies now enable you to transfer your prescription out-of-state and have medications sent to you. Before providing you with drugs, these companies check your prescriptions.

With the rise of telemedicine doctors—doctors who can diagnose some conditions over the phone or online and write prescriptions for them—the pharmacy world is changing. These physicians are board-certified, but their prescribing options are restricted without an in-person exam. They can generally write prescriptions for antibiotics, antifungals, allergy medicines, oral contraceptives, nasal decongestant sprays, drugs for high blood pressure, and medications that lower cholesterol. However, it is your responsibility to confirm the pharmacy’s legal status.

Foreign pharmacies are another story. Some medicines can be sent to the US as long as they meet specific requirements, such as being reported to US Customs. Foreign pharmacies are not permitted to sell or transport medications to your residence.

Illegal Items

Some believe that if something is accessible online, they have the right to purchase it. Of course, this is entirely incorrect. You may not order an unlawful item online and have it delivered to your house (even if it is legal in the area where it is sold). It is your responsibility to obey the laws of your state and nation.


While certain products are outright prohibited from being purchased online, others are carefully restricted.What is permitted in one country might not be illegal in another. When buying things to sell online, you must be extra cautious. Although ecommerce companies are required to obey e-commerce legislation, they sometimes cut corners. Check the rules and regulations that apply to you if you have any worries regarding the legality of an online item.

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