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7 Things to Consider When Choosing Timber Flooring

When it comes to choosing a flooring option a lot of people prefer timber flooring as their one and only option. However, installing hardwood flooring is not as easy as you think it is. The process of choosing does not stop when you have selected a particular type of wood. There are lots of important factors you need to consider before you end up selecting a specific type of timber flooring.

Let us check out 7 different things you will need to consider as a homeowner before you choose timber flooring.

  1. The kind of subfloor your home has: The selection of wood will differ depending on the type of subfloor your home has. For example, concrete and plywood subfloors will need different types of timber flooring.

2. Your personal preferences: Personal preference is extremely important when choosing timber flooring. For some people aesthetics is the primary factor, for others, it can be their budget or maintenance. Therefore, you should know your priority before making a final decision.

3. The type of home you have: You can either have a traditional style home or you can also have a modern home. For both cases, you will need to select different timber flooring because it will influence your home’s aesthetics and other functionalities.

4. Does it match your home’s aesthetic: While selecting timber flooring you need to ensure that the type of flooring you have chosen gets along with your furniture and walls. You may choose a particular type of flooring based on the sample or a picture; it may end up ruining your home’s aesthetic (if not selected carefully).

5. On which floors the wood will be installed: Your wood selection will depend on the floor itself. For example, you cannot install solid wood flooring in the basement because the moisture will destroy the timber flooring pretty soon.

6. Stain and finishing of the flooring: When you are installing timber flooring then you need to remember that the stain is important for providing color to the wood and finishing will directly influence your maintenance. So, select the type of wood you would like to install on your floor while keeping these two factors in mind.

7. Your lifestyle: Your lifestyle will determine the durability of your timber flooring and that is why you need to select the type of wood that will be sufficient for you. If you have high footfall, pets, and children at your home then you will have to select a harder wood.

By carefully considering the above factors you will be able to comprehend what kind of flooring your home requires which in turn will help you create a specific budget around the same.

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