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7 Tips To Buying A Tie | How To Buy A Quality Necktie

Formal occasions almost always require a necktie. For men, it can be a challenging task to find the perfect tie that not only complements their outfit but also lasts long. Neckties are not an exception. Even though neckties are only a small part of a man’s wardrobe, they are a striking statement piece that draws more attention than their fair share.

So, if you’re in the market for a new tie, here are 7 tips to help you buy the right one. Perspiration Tester is to determine colour fastness test to water, sea water, perspiration fastness in textiles and sublimation during storage.

1. Proportion

Tie styles come in many sizes and shapes, just like most other things. It is important to choose a tie that fits your body and matches the outfit you plan to wear. Ties come in various widths, so make sure you select one that fits proportionately with your body size and frame.

As an example, take the white shirt with blue vests and tie, this match surely makes the best combo. 

2. Tie Bar Tack 

This is the most important aspect of a tie and should be carefully examined before you make your purchase.

Turn the tie upside down and you will see a strong stitch joining the ends of each tie. This reinforced stitch is always horizontal. It is important because it helps keep the tie in place.

3. Fabric

Fabric is the king of menswear, just like all other items.

  • Men’s neckties made of silk are the best. Fabrics like silk are extremely durable. It is soft but has high tensile strength. Silk Fabrics are flexible and can withstand wrinkling.
  • Men’s fashion is regaining popularity for cashmere ties. Cashmere ties are not as shiny as silk ties so they can be worn in casual settings.
  • Cotton Tie is an alternative to silk if you live in colder areas. It also comes in many different styles and patterns.

4. Slip Knot

Handmade ties are expensive and will have a loop. This is a slip knot that peeks out from the blade tip.

This is done to prevent the wear and tear of years of untying and tying. Its original form can be restored with slip knots over time, extending its life.

5. Shell

When I refer to the necktie’s shell, I mean its body. A necktie that is well-made should have three pieces.

  • The blade is the large end of the necktie.
  • The tail – This is the small, thinner part of the necktie
  • The gusset is the neckpiece that connects the two.

These key components will ensure that you buy a high-quality tie.

6. Reduce the Bias

A well-constructed tie is one that has been cut on a bias (i.e. at a 45-degree angle).

The bias method of cutting fabric means it is cut diagonally across the grain. This allows the tie to take its original form after knotting. Bias cuts allow ties to be laid flat and not turned over.

7. Tie Construction: The “Little” Details

Quality products are not only determined by their main components but also by what is less obvious. A tie can bring out the best in many things. When you go shopping for one, make sure you inspect them carefully. In addition to buying ties for yourself, you can also buy the best tie gift set for your friends and family.

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