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A Comprehensive Overview of Hunting Tourism with Role in Economic Development

Are you aware of “Hunting Tourism”? It is a complex term because many people took it wrong. It is a type of tourism but it may not popular these days because many countries banned hunting to protect wildlife. It is not considered good because death is not pleasant, Even if it is an animal’s death. However, some countries allow hunting tourism because it is a good tool to enhance tourism and travel as well as good for economic development. This article will give you a complete overview of this type of hunting so, you can understand it better, and the potential benefits related to this type of tourism. So, let us start discussion.

What is hunting tourism?

Hunting tourism is a sort of activity that is associated with wildlife. In this type of hunting, a person travels from the home environment for hunting. Hunting tourism can be practices in natural areas or the areas that are artificially created for this purpose. It is a non-consumptive or consumptive form of hunting. The state and country is involved from permits, fixing and hunting seasons and the authorization of the companies that offer this type of services such as Pro Hunting Spain.

It is legal in some countries but the person who practice this type of hunting and tourism need to obey the rules and regulations and the standards that are created for this. Countries that allow this type of activities set laws to protect the animals belonged to extinct species and punishments for those who violate the laws and rules developed for this hunting.

Hunting tourism is practiced all around the world but it is common and legally allowed to people in South Africa and Spain. Countries make a framework for this type of tourism and have a wide system for it, which include areas where this is allowed, rules and regulations as well. World Tourism Organizations resembles the hunting tourism with sports tourism.

What is the major purpose of hunting tourism?

Tourism hunting is not allowed to kill and hunt all the species of animals. The major purpose of this type of tourism and hunting is to control the population of particular species and animals. If countries do not make laws, hunting tourism can cause the total disappearance of all the species that is why countries that allowed this type of hunting make rules and regulations, which include the type of species that are allowed to hunt and punishments and penalties in case of violation of rules.

Hunting tourism is a type of sports tourism that is further divided in game type such as big game, small game, and water game. The first two types denotes to the size of hunting game while the third one denotes to the environment in which it is being practiced.

In some areas, small hunting games include species like turtle, rabbit, dove, and partridge while the big game comprises on wild bear, deer and aquatic species.

What is the role of hunting tourism in economic development?

Hunting tourism is significant and it has played a positive role in the development of economy. It has measurable and good value on wildlife. Different countries set different rates for different type of animals. An elephant will price above $45,000 to hunt and consume.

Hunting tourism generate good revenues for countries. Countries that support “hunting tourism” sets the rules to protect the important species and used it as a tool to control the population of particular species.

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