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Exploring Delhi’s Vibrant Markets: Your Ultimate Guide To The Best Shopping Spots

Home to famous historical places, museums, parks and gardens, Delhi is a hub of art and culture. The city also has some of the best markets of the country from where one can buy just anything and everything. These vibrant markets are not just street shops but a representation of art, history and culture of the city. They are a paradise for all shopaholics who can get their hands on the best apparels, footwear, accessories, gadgets and unique handicrafts from across the country. If you want to explore the top markets of the city, here is a handy guide that you can refer to enjoy a great shopping experience:

1-Chandni Chowk: Constructed by Mughals in the 17th century, this is one of the oldest and the most popular markets in the city. The lanes of this market are divided into various sections and each one is unique with its own history. For example, Nai Sarak is famous for stationary items and books, Chawri Bazaar for wedding cards, Kinari Bazaar for wedding shopping, Ballimaran Market for wholesale electronic items and Katra Neel for shopping for all kinds of clothes. And the food scene at this market is not to be missed. The moment you enter here you will be welcomed by the aroma of lip-smacking street food delights that will leave your taste buds asking for more.

What To Buy: Books, Jewellery, Ethnic wear

2-Lajpat Nagar Market: This bustling market in South Delhi gives a perfect glimpse of Indian culture. It is one of the best Delhi shopping markets for clothes and fashion accessories. Whether you are looking for fabrics, home décor items, artificial jewellery or footwear, you will find a variety of everything and that too for every budget. It is popular for buying ethnic Indian wear like kurtis, stitched and unstitched salwar suits, stoles, dupattas, home furnishings and accessories like bags, shoes etc. Do try your bargaining skills at this market. When you are here don’t forget to gorge on delicious street food items like chaat, gol gappas and momos from Dolma Aunty.

What to Buy: Indian Wear, Artificial Jewellery

3-Sarojini Nagar Market: Also known as the Bargain Bazaar, this trendy market in South Delhi is every girl’s favourite. It is a shopper’s heaven where one can buy a variety of clothes, shoes, household accessories from the flea shops that are stacked next to one another. Clothes from international and domestic brands are available at throwaway prices here, making it a must-visit place for every shopper. The market is popular for affordable fashion shopping where one can shop extravagantly and have an amazing shopping experience.

What to Buy: Clothes, Accessories, Household items

4– Khan Market: Counted among the upscale markets of the capital city, this place has a cosmopolitan feel to it. From stores of international brands and fashion boutiques to family owned bookstores, opticians and cafes, it has everything to meet all your shopping needs. There are high-end restaurants and cafes where you can savour a yummy meal while exploring all the shops. If you are a tourist in Delhi, do visit this place for a shopping experience like never before. You’ll also find some of the best hotels in Delhi in the vicinity that you can choose for your stay in the city. Don’t leave the market before tasting the melt-in-the-mouth tikkas and seekh kebabs at Khan Chacha.

What to Buy: Branded clothes, Cosmetics, Books

If you are someone who loves shopping, head to these amazing markets in the capital city that promise a fantastic shopping experience.

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