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After the Surgery, the Silicone Came Out.

In the case of surgery, the tip of the nose is red and inflamed or a piece of silicone has penetrated out, of course. When a problem like this arises, both the writer and the patient are both disappointed. The doctor is sad, the patient is sad. Different people are sad but sadness doesn’t help anything. Let’s work together to solve problems. It’s better to be beautiful as before.

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Patients now have 2 options.

  1. Remove the silicone and sew on the tip of the nose that has penetrated, wait about 6-8 months, then do a new surgery, but during the waiting period, it is recommended to massage the tip of the nose daily to make it soft and not very soft. (but for writers It is recommended that after 2 weeks of suturing the wound is closed, the patient will return to inject filler at the tip of the nose in the perforated position to prevent throwing of the posterior nose tip. Then massage every day at the tip of the nose, wait 6-8 months to come and have a new surgery)
  2. Remove the silicone and suture the incision at the tip of the nose and add a new one with Dermal Fat Graft, all from the bridge of the nose to the tip of the nose. The reason for using all your own tissues is because when the nose is inflamed or penetrated, it means that germs have already entered. area to be surgery Therefore, if the nose is augmented by silicone or Goretex, it can easily become infected. But as I said, Dermal Fat Graft surgery is not popular, so Korean doctors have to wait 3-4 months to make new corrections by adding silicone. By reading this, the patient may be able to see that when there is a problem with a thin nose tip or a pierced nose, the correction is to find tissue or something to support the thin nose tip and not let it stick to the tissue. Cartilage below because when it goes down or is thrown, it’s difficult to solve. It’s really difficult to solve. Therefore, removing Dermal Fat Graft from the groove is very important. Then let’s talk about the rest (namely the bridge of the nose) and what to do next.

However, Korean doctors and other Thai doctors know that the writer has an idea and uses other methods to fix the tip of the nose through a different way. The writer believes that every doctor will choose the best and most suitable approach for the patient. Therefore, please use discretion when using it in surgery. Should not be discussed with other doctors to give him a headache, different people think differently. but for writers The writer thinks this is a good way. and would like other doctors I read it as an idea.


   Well, I don’t mind that… but don’t be left out.

   Now, rhinoplasty using fillers also known as filler

(Filler) There are more. Especially the invitation from various clinics that “do not need surgery for surgery. In a single shot “If you don’t like the shape It will collapse on its own, don’t be afraid.” “If you like the shape, but it collapses, it’s okay. You can come back and inject it again.”

If you don’t want to have injections anymore” you can actually go for rhinoplasty. I will recommend a good doctor for you.

Hearing this, most of the patients seemed to be hypnotized, that is, as soon as they walked into the (clinic) surgery, they instantly became famous. In fact, if writing about this, the writers don’t really want to write if they haven’t met a case like the above saying that the injection doesn’t collapse and doesn’t work. Then when the patient didn’t want the injection and wanted to have surgery and whispered softly, “Doctor, take the injection (filler) out for me…” It turned out that the doctor had to sit and scrape Phil out. Ler gave out or became very difficult for the doctor at the time of the surgery to the extent that if no one gave it to me and the doctor refuses to accept it at all.

The writer would like to briefly tell the history of the injection as follows.

Filler injections have been around since the 1960s. Solid in the United States, Europe and Japan, where the substance that was initially injected Originally, it was liquid silicone. After 20 years of injecting, we learned that the result of injecting liquid silicone was bad, dangerous, it could flow to other parts and was carcinogenic.

In Thailand, it’s the same. I started to inject at the same time, knowing that it was not good as a carcinogen, I stopped importing. However Beauty injections have been around for a long time. Secretly injected at beauty salons later developed to inject at home. (It’s the house of a beauty salon owner who injected until he was rich….haha) When there was no liquid silicone available for sale, so I simmered the lard and injected it instead of the oily liquid silicone.

Even today, this kind of injection still exists. But it’s starting to decrease because now there’s a real doctor to do it legally. (Like bringing underground lottery to do on the soil) by importing a new substance known as synthetic collagen (Collagen), some artificial fat, some synthetic hyaluronic acid (Hyaluronic acid) called all together That fillers have been injected and advertised that these substances have been inspected by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) both in Thailand and abroad. by bringing the name of a country that is more prosperous than Thailand to the patient to make it look credible (Sadly, our country is still a developing country.)

This sounds like an anti-writer. Actually, writers aren’t against products called fillers. I must say that its really good. But we are using it wrongly in foreign countries. Fillers are used to fill deep grooves or wrinkles around the face (where Botox injections cannot be removed), as well as around the cheekbones (Nasolabial Fold) for lip surgery (Lip Aug). mentation) and fill in the cheeks to make them look more plump

   Usually, the position that the filler works well is the cheek groove, which is the safest position and the position that the patient is most satisfied with.

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