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Agha Bio, Net Worth, Weight, Age, Wiki, Filmography, Girlfriends, Wife

Agha Ali is a Pakistani actor, singer and model who is best known for his roles in several popular television dramas. He has been active in the entertainment industry since 2014 and has been a part of numerous successful projects. His charming looks and easy-going style have made him a popular choice for leading roles. Agha is also known for his philanthropic work, which has earned him a great deal of respect among his fans. In this article, we’ll take a look at Agha Ali’s net worth, weight, age, wiki, filmography, girlfriends, and wife.

Agha Bio

Agha Ali was born on December 2, 1983, in Karachi, Pakistan. He is the son of famous Pakistani actor and director, Agha Sikandar. Agha has three siblings, including two sisters and a brother. He attended the University of Karachi and graduated with a degree in Business Administration.

Agha began his career in the entertainment industry in 2014, when he joined the cast of the popular television drama, ‘Koi Nahi Apna’. Since then, he has appeared in a number of successful drama series, including ‘Khamoshi’, ‘Kahin Deep Jalay’, ‘Mann Mayal’ and ‘Aangan’. He has also starred in a few films, including ‘Jawani Phir Nahi Ani’ and ‘Load Wedding’.

Net Worth

Agha Ali’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. He has earned this fortune through his successful career in the entertainment industry. He is also known to be a philanthropist and has contributed to several charitable causes.


Agha Ali’s current weight is approximately 75 kgs. He is 1.7 meters tall and has an athletic physique.


Agha Ali is currently 37 years old.


Agha Ali’s biography can be found on a number of online platforms, including Wikipedia.


Agha Ali has appeared in a number of films, including ‘Jawani Phir Nahi Ani’, ‘Load Wedding’, ‘Parchi’ and ‘Project Ghazi’. He has also appeared in several television dramas, including ‘Koi Nahi Apna’, ‘Khamoshi’, ‘Kahin Deep Jal

Agha Bio, Net Worth, Weight, Age, Wiki, Filmography, Girlfriends, Wife

Agha Ali is a famous Pakistani singer, screenwriter, actor and video producer, who first came to the limelight with his debut performance in the 2012 drama serial Dil E Muztar. Following the release of his first single, ‘Deewana’ in that same year, he’s had over 180 hits that have topped the charts in Pakistan. He has since become an iconic name in Pakistan’s entertainment industry, winning numerous awards for his work in television, film, and music production.

He was born on March 28th, 1987 in Lahore, Pakistan, and currently has a net worth of an estimated $2.25 million. Agha Ali stands 5-feet-7-inches tall, and looks handsome with his chocolate colored eyes and black hair.

Agha Ali has been featured in a variety of television serials so far, including ‘Chaal’ and ‘Digest Writer’. He has also appeared as a guest judge in many singing competitions and shows, most notably in ‘Uth Records’. He has also won a number of awards as an actor, such as the Lux Style award in 2015, and the Indus Drama award in 2017.

Agha Ali made his film debut in 2016, with the romantic drama film, ‘2 Wishes’, in which he had an opportunity to portray his singing talents as well. His filmography includes the 2019 film ‘Tich Button’, in which he played the role of an anchor, as well as various television dramas such as Maa Sadqey, Karam Jali, Cheekh and Band Khirkiyan.

Agha Ali has remained unmarried thus far, which has left many of his fans wondering who his mystery lady is. There has been speculation that he has had relationships with a few female singers and actresses, as well as many rumors about him having a secret wife. However, he’s remained tight lipped about these matters, stating that it’s best to keep some things private. Whatever the case may be, one thing is sure, Agha Ali and his fans alike, are excited to know what the future holds.

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