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Airtel Payment Bank Account Number and Ifsc Code

Having an Airtel Payment Bank account is a great way to manage your finances. To ensure that your transactions are secure and protected, it is important to know your account number and the IFSC code associated with it. This article will provide a guide on how to find your Airtel Payment Bank account number and how to obtain your IFSC code.

Finding Airtel Payment Bank Account Number

Your Airtel Payment Bank account number is a unique number that is associated with your account. You can find this number by logging into your Airtel Payment Bank account or by checking your passbook. Additionally, you can contact the Airtel Payment Bank customer care team to request your account number.

Obtaining Airtel Payment Bank IFSC Code

The IFSC code is a unique code that is used to identify your bank and your branch. To obtain the IFSC code for your Airtel Payment Bank account, you can check the Airtel Payment Bank website or contact their customer care team. You can also find the IFSC code on your bank passbook or ATM card.

Knowing your Airtel Payment Bank account number and IFSC code is important for making secure and successful transactions. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily find your account number and obtain your IFSC code.

Exploring the banking world has become easier than ever with the introduction of Airtel’s Payment Bank Account. This revolutionary banking structure is a boon for those who want to make use of a convenient and secure way to conduct their monetary transactions.

Airtel Payment Bank offers customers the facility to open a new bank account without the hassle of physical visits to a bank branch. This has enabled customers to access banking services carrying out bank transactions online, while they remain in the comfort of their home.

The Airtel Payment Bank Account number is a 13-digit number which serves as the account’s identifier and is linked to the customer’s Airtel phone. Customers can use these 13 digits to make transactions such as deposits and transfers, as well as to access their account to check the balance and make other financial transactions.

Furthermore, when customers make transfers and payments, they will be required to enter the IFSC Code of their bank. The IFSC or Indian Financial System Code is an 11-digit code which helps in identifying a particular bank branch. It is unique for every bank branch and is used for NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) and RTGS transactions. The IFSC code for Airtel Payment Bank is AIRT0PBAAAA.

In addition, customers have the option to open an Airtel Payment Bank savings account and avail the different benefits of banking such as loans, insurance, etc. This ensures that customers have access to their money at any time and from anywhere.

To ensure an even more secure and convenient banking option, customers can link their Airtel Payment Bank accounts with other services like UPI, Airtel Money, and even NACH (National Automated Clearing House).

With Airtel Payment Bank’s online banking services, customers can carry out their banking transactions with ease and convenience. The 13-digit account number and the IFSC Code of the bank provide them with the necessary information they require to access the chosen bank branch.

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