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AlfaBTC Review — Is AlfaBTC Scam or Legit?

AlfaBTC review

It is hard to find many companies in the financial world that can outcompete AlfaBTC in its field. This trading platform specializes in providing a high level of service to retail traders interested in working with various financial instruments without any hassles and high fees. AlfaBTC has been in the top echelon of brokerage service providers in this domain for a long while.

AlfaBTC’s trading terminal

The suite of tools provided to all retail traders is quite impressive. If you are among those people who enjoy tinkering with interfaces and like to discover new features as you learn the basics, you will love this terminal packed with interesting functionality, add-ons, and tools to use. It is a powerful analytical dashboard with an informative price chart that provides you with the necessary information about the market.

Here are some features that you will find useful:

  • The terminal has multiple technical indicators used by professionals. You can open the Relative Strength Index, Stochastic, and Ichimoku to track trends and prepare for reversals.
  • Apply graphical overlays like Fibonacci lines and others to identify support and resistance levels. These are good for plotting stop loss and taking profit points on the price chart.
  • Take advantage of the market and the potential slowness of other market participants by utilizing advanced features like one-click buy and order templates.

AlfaBTC’s financial instruments

Why would you even need a trading terminal if there’s nothing to trade? AlfaBTC has one of the biggest catalogs of financial instruments in the market. If you are interested in working with novel assets or prefer accessing the financial market of derivatives, you will find the list of options here, at AlfaBTC, quite satisfying.

There are multiple types of assets you can access:

  • Apply your practical knowledge of the economy and global trade by working with currency pairs and futures on commodities;
  • Use various fundamental analysis tricks to evaluate companies and their stocks on the market by using CFD contracts;
  • Access novel cryptocurrencies and start speculating on highly volatile assets while benefiting from flexible margins.

AlfaBTC’s trading conditions

There are many reasons to choose any given brokerage service provider, but one of the most important ones for retail traders is the favorability of trading conditions. Ever since commission-free brokers changed the game in the industry, many retail traders started swaying toward platforms without extremely low fees.

We argue that having fees is quite important since it guarantees a higher level of service on the part of the broker. AlfaBTC has very low fees and commission-free banking meaning that you never pay for depositing or withdrawing money.

These conditions are excellent for day traders and people who want to progressively increase the value of their portfolio by making systematic deposits using their paychecks.

AlfaBTC’s education

Any contemporary broker must focus on providing education to its customers since over 30% of all new retail traders do not have any prior exposure to trading or even the basics of investing. AlfaBTC has a special section on the official website to help newcomers get accustomed to the rules and basic principles of contemporary online investing.

There are several types of educational content you can access:

  • Read about the latest events in the financial world in detailed articles written by professionals;
  • Receive analytical breakdowns of various market positions held by hedge funds and professionals;
  • Learn how to apply advanced strategies and various technical indicators;
  • Become even better at using tools provided by the trading platform through reading tutorials.

Note that all VIP clients also receive individual consultations from their managers who will provide signals and regular tips from professionals.


AlfaBTC is one of the most reliable companies in the market. It is a trustworthy trading platform that has been around for years. The company has a diverse lineup of products and offers a wide range of useful financial services to thousands of its customers from across the world.

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