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All You Need to Know About Mabati

Mabati is a Swahili word that is used to refer to iron sheets. They have various uses, like roofing their houses, fencing their homes, making gates for security purposes, and making gutters. In addition, they are used for any projects that may require metal sheets.

Currently, in Kenya, prices of various items have gone up. The construction industry has also been affected and has been experiencing an increase in material prices. Despite the high prices, construction materials have a very high demand.

This article will talk about the mabati prices in Kenya. Also, the article will list the various types of iron sheets and guide how to choose the type of Mabati required for your construction project.

Types of iron sheets sold in Kenya

In Kenya, various types of iron sheets are available. The first type is the box profile iron sheets which are well known for their strength and durability. This feature makes it ideal for various projects. Secondly, the Roman tile iron sheets are unique and attractive since they look like traditional Roman tiles. This makes them elegant, and is commonly used in residential and commercial buildings and properties.

Thirdly there are polycarbonate iron sheets made of plastic nature; hence they are very long-lasting. They have a transparent outlook and are ideal for buildings that require natural light penetration. Some of the projects include greenhouses. Moreover, we have stone-coated iron sheets, which tend to mimic the traditional clay look. This makes them very stylish and unique. They’re long-lasting and resistant to various weather changes because they are steel coated with stone chips.

Lastly, the corrugated iron sheet is the most used and affordable in Kenya. They are made in a wavy pattern which makes them strong and durable. All the mentioned sheets above come in many colors and thicknesses, giving a person many options to choose from when buying.

Factors Affecting Mabati Prices in Kenya

Various things may cause Mabati prices in Kenya to vary. Some of the factors may be the type of iron sheet. This is because of the design and materials used to make the sheet. A Roman tile iron sheet is likely to be more expensive than a box profile iron sheet. The second factor is the color of the sheet since some colors tend to be more expensive than others. The size of the mabati also affects the price. A bigger mabati is more expensive than a smaller mabati.

Moreover, the price of a sheet depends on the type of manufacturer. Different manufacturers tell us to sell their sheets at different prices. In addition, the thickness of a mabati will influence its price, and hence a thicker mabati is way more expensive.

In conclusion, sheet prices in Kenya also depend on economic factors in the country. To buy a mabati, if you want a more stylish, colorful, and thicker mabati from an exclusive and famous brand, you need to have a larger amount of money.

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