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All You Need to Know About Starting Your OnlyFans as a Guy

On OnlyFans, you sell things, images, and videos the traditional way: Using your skills and vibrant personality. Your followers pay you to access exclusive content they can’t find elsewhere. But you aren’t just selling a product; you are basically selling yourself. And once you open OnlyFans, you will come across thousands of accounts, of which the majority are women models. But there is still demand for guy performers as well on OnlyFans.

While the percentage of male users on OnlyFans isn’t fully clear, it is worth noting that a sizeable demographic of and gay models are willing to buy exclusive content.

In this blog, let’s focus on the key strategies to sell exclusive content on OnlyFans if you are a guy.

Can you generate revenue on OnlyFans as a male performer?

Yes, it is possible to earn on OnlyFans; it is even possible for you to be on the list of top earners of OnlyFans. The only factor that plays a significant role in growing your OnlyFans is how effectively you can market yourself. Building an active presence on social media is an added advantage if you want to become a top creator and want to use OnlyFans as your primary revenue strategy.

If you already have an established fan base on Snapchat, OnlyFans, Twitter, and TikTok, your odds of being successful on OnlyFans will rise dramatically. Study how to promote your content to an existing audience so that some users would be willing to pay for exclusive content. A large percentage of male models generate revenue through live cam shows.

Men belong to the large share of fans who buy exclusive images and videos from OnlyFans. Therefore, you can earn more if you want to sell to a, transgender, or gay audience. For example, Reno Gold is a top-made model that makes over $100,000 every month on OnlyFans.

Tips for men to make money on OnlyFans

Now let’s jump straight into proven and effective tips for male performers to make money on the platform.

Make multiple OnlyFans accounts

Creating a free and premium account is one of the powerful ways to bring traffic to your premium offerings. For this reason, the broad range of male and female top creators has more than a single account.

You can grow your OnlyFans a little quicker with a free account by offering a glimpse of what they will get in premium offerings. On the free OnlyFans page, promote teasers in the form of compelling images and super short videos under 10 seconds. This way, you can ensure your fans are interested in your content and draw them to your premium account.

Reply back to direct messages

Giving replies to direct messages from your fans is another way by which you can generate revenue. Many top models swear by this: Most of their money comes from tips over direct messages.

No matter how small or big your fan size is, your fans would love to chat with you directly. Do not be afraid to reach out to your followers first and begin the conversation by sharing an image or a video.

Reward frequent tippers

If you notice you have fans who tip you frequently, reward them with what they love the most. Big tippers, popularly known as super tips, are constant support systems of male creators on OnlyFans who are loyal to you. And they are your easy avenue to making big money.

Share free images on Reddit

Reddit is one of the popular social media platforms as it targets male audiences who enjoy porn. It is a common practice for models to share links to the OnlyFans page within the comment section of Subreddits. If you post consistently, you must expect around 2% to 5% to bring in new followers.

Market yourself on Instagram

Instagram is a popular visual social media platform, so there is an overlap with the target market that enjoys OnlyFans. A bold approach to promote your OnlyFans is to add the link in Instagram post captions to push traffic to your premium revenue-generating content.

While Instagram is free, the platform has strict rules when it comes to content. Hence, make sure not to promote nudes on your profile to avoid getting banned. If you get the marketing tactics on the Instagram right, you can convert around 1% to 2% of your overall Instagram followers to your OnlyFans subscribers.

Become a YouTuber

Everyone these days has a YouTube channel, and they make a lot of revenue from it. If you are a male content creator or performer, start a YouTube channel and focus on creating viral content. If your content goes viral, people will search for you on multiple platforms, and you can convert your YouTube subscribers to OnlyFans subscribers.

Build your own website

A professional website is an added advantage if you are into the entertainment business. Create a landing page to promote your OnlyFans and fill it with affiliate links to products you sell. Most successful models on OnlyFans have their own website, which they use to sell merchandise to their audience.

You can provide subscription discounts and special offers to fans who sign up for your OnlyFans account via your website. Besides, you can use an OnlyFans clone script like Fanso to build your OnlyFans clone website if you are into the entertainment business.

Sell your own merchandise

Selling physical products is a great way to enhance your revenue and sell your OnlyFans exclusive content. You can print your images or brand logo on coffee mugs and t-shirts. Once a fan buys your merchandise, you receive money directly in your bank account. Along with these, you can also consider selling clothing that you have worn if there is demand for these among your fans. While this is not for all, this could be an option that sets you apart from the fierce competition.

Collaborate with other models

You must consider collaborating with other performers if you are a guy model on OnlyFans and want to increase your exposure. You can collaborate with other content creators for a photo shoot to create exciting content.


Not all models on OnlyFans treat it as a full-time business; some consider it as a side hustle only. If you are a male content creator who wants to grow your OnlyFans and make money, consider your OnlyFans account as your full-time career.

You are good to go if you are well-equipped with essential tools and equipment, content and marketing strategies, and the best revenue methods. If you get the tactics right, you can make an excellent income to afford a decent living through valuable and catchy content.

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