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Basics About IOCL E Tender

Are you a business, especially a new entrant in the market and wishing to get a government contract with IOCL in Haryana? If this is the case, you must know the basics of IOCL, IOCL e tender and how to bid for the same on Haryana eProc portal, etc. This article will do that for you. 

IOCL stands for Indian Oil Corporation Limited, which is one of the largest public sector oil and gas companies in India. IOCL is engaged in various activities related to the exploration, production, refining, marketing, and distribution of petroleum products.

What is an IOCL e tender? 

IOCL e-tender is an online platform that IOCL uses for procurement activities, such as the purchase of goods and services, hiring of contractors, and execution of projects. IOCL e-tender aims to bring transparency, efficiency, and speed to the procurement process and facilitate the participation of a wide range of vendors and service providers.

How to find an IOCL e Tender?  

There are two ways to find an IOCL e tender, first is via the IOCL E-Tenders portal and the other option is to get the latest tenders on BidAssist, which is a tender aggregator expertising in the field of online tenders. 

Via Government Portal: 

Follow these steps to find an IOCL e tender using the government e-procurement portal: 

  • Go to the IOCL e-tendering portal (
  • Click on the “Active Tenders” tab to view the list of current IOCL e-tenders.
  • Use the search and filter options to narrow down the list of tenders based on your requirements.

Via Private Tender Aggregators:

  • Go to the BidAssist website (
  • In the search bar on the homepage, type “IOCL” and click on the search icon.
  • You will be directed to the IOCL e tenders page on BidAssist, where you can view the list of all the current IOCL tenders.
  • Use the search and filter options to narrow down the list of tenders based on your requirements, such as location, category, and value.
  • Click on the desired tender to view the tender details, including the tender documents, bid submission deadline, and other relevant information.

How to Bid for an IOCL e Tender? 

To bid for an IOCL e tender, the following steps are must: 

  • Register on the IOCL e-tendering portal by providing the required details and documents.
  • Search for the relevant tender on the IOCL e-tendering portal and download the tender documents.
  • Prepare the bid proposal as per the requirements specified in the tender documents, including technical specifications, financial terms, and other terms and conditions.
  • Submit the bid proposal online through the IOCL e-tendering portal before the deadline specified in the tender documents.
  • Pay the applicable tender fee and submit the required documents, such as the bid security, as per the instructions provided in the tender documents.
  • Participate in the tender opening process, which is usually conducted online, and wait for the results of the tender evaluation process.

It is important to carefully read and understand the tender documents and comply with all the requirements specified therein to submit a successful bid proposal for an IOCL e-tender.

What are the documents required to submit with an IOCL e tender bid proposal?

The documents required to submit with an IOCL e-tender bid proposal may vary depending on the specific requirements of each tender. However, some of the common documents that may be required include:

Bid security: This is a guarantee from the bidder that they will comply with the terms and conditions of the tender and will not withdraw or modify their bid after the deadline. The bid security may be in the form of a demand draft, bank guarantee, or other specified instrument.

Proof of registration: Proof of their registration as a company or a contractor with the relevant authorities, such as the Registrar of Companies or the local municipal corporation. Along with it, PAN/TAN is required and if a person is bidding on behalf of the business enterprise, Power of Attorney must also be attached with the bid proposal. 

Experience and qualification certificates:Certificates or documents that demonstrate their experience and qualifications in the relevant field, such as a copy of their trade license, tax registration certificate, or professional membership certificate.

Technical specifications: Detailed technical specifications for the goods or services they are proposing to supply, including drawings, samples, and other relevant documents. 

Financial details: Bidders must provide their financial details, such as audited financial statements, bank statements, or other financial documents that demonstrate their financial stability and ability to undertake the project.

Other supporting documents: Bidders may be required to submit other supporting documents as specified in the tender documents, such as insurance policies, environmental clearances, or other necessary permits and licenses.

The aforementioned list of documents is applicable for IOCL tenders and also for other tenders like Haryana e Proc tenders or CPWD tenders. It’s because the basic outline of the tendering process in India is the same, so whatever the type of tender you may be interested in, these documents and details you must have prepared with you. For assistance, you can always contact online business portals like BidAssist that have expertise in the tendering process of any type of tender. Along with this, you can also find tenders of your preference easily on BidAssist. The process takes just two steps broadly: Signing up on the website for free with your mobile number and OTP and typing in the keyword, like Haryana eproc. As soon as you hit that Search button, you will get a list of all the active tenders as well as the archived ones as well. 

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