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Benefits of Using an Inverter Welding Machine

An inverter welding machine uses electronic solid-state parts to help convert electricity better. It is very easy to carry around as it is portable and light as a lunch box.

In addition, the machine has digital controls; hence, it is more efficient and less prone to errors and has better arc control.

This article will list the benefits of using the inverter welding machine over others. This will contribute to better decision-making.

Benefits of an inverter welding machine include;

  • Size and weight

This is the best advantage these machines have. The smallest inverter that can easily be carried over the shoulder can do better work than a much bigger and more cumbersome machine. They are portable and light, which does not undermine their work as they work even better.

  • Efficiency

These machines have an efficiency of about 80%-90% while the others have at most 50% efficiency. This is because they do not lose heat during power distribution and retain it for their work.

  • Use of Generator Power

Many welding machines do not use generator power. However, inverter welding machine can use them, especially the small portable sets. It is important, however, to note that there is a risk in using the generator power.

  • Duty cycle

The transformer size gives the inverter welding machines a higher duty cycle. Some components heat up quickly and can pose a problem, but they also cool quickly, making it easier. This is because they are small. In comparison, other welding machines have larger components that take longer to cool after heating.

  • DC Output

Many welders can only use AC output and hence have a limited amount of electrodes they can weld with. However, the inverters can change AC to DC and weld wide and different welding electrodes.

  • Power Consumption

Standard welders use 220 volts, while inverters only use 110 volts. This means that you can save on the power bill, and in case you are running a shop, you can work with many welders and still pay less. This also comes with the benefit of efficiency. In the case of a business, this will contribute to a larger profit margin, and this is every person’s aim.

  • Multiple welding processes

Some welders can only perform stick welding and cannot change into another welding process, such as TIG, but the inverters can easily switch between the stick and TIG process. You do not need to buy these components because they come with them.

  • Arc Control

Compared to standard welders, the inverters control the electric arcs much better. An arc that is better controlled contributes to a better weld. The inverters software enables customized control of the arc. They have a higher voltage; hence easier to maintain an arc.

  • Good quality

The inverters are the best in the market right now, and if you want the most legit welders to give you the best welds, these are what you should buy. Durable welders and even the product they produce is equally durable and the best.


The inverters are one of the best welding machine in Kenya and contribute to high-quality welds in the market. This article has shown the benefits, so the decision is up to you now.

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