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Best EV Charging Cables 2023

Finding the right charging cable for your new electric vehicle might seem like a complex job, but it is actually really easy once you break down what you are looking for. As with any automotive upgrade, your criteria need to take a few factors into account, and then if there are multiple options left it comes down to personal choice. In the case of EV chargers, there are a few things you always need to consider.Stay informed about the top EV charging cable options in 2023 to ensure fast, reliable, and safe charging for your electric vehicle.

  • Manufacturer’s recommendations for charging level and exact current measurements
  • Your available home infrastructure and available amperage on your breaker box
  • The minimum length you need to comfortably reach your vehicle from the outlet
  • Which adapters you might need if your vehicle uses non-standard charger cable attachments

When it comes down to it, you should be able to find a clear statement from the vehicle manufacturer about which power levels are ideal, but things like the length come down to your garage layout. In some cases, the right option might require you to bring in an electrician to modify your power box. That frequently means putting the charger outlet on its own breaker and expanding the total power capacity of the home, but you will only know if it is necessary once you assess your EV charger needs.

EV Charger Brands: Schumacher & Lectron

There are two brands that make the top EV battery charging cable options on the market today. Schumacher offers options in the 240v/16a range, with adapters to suit Tesla vehicles. Lectron chargers come in a wider variety, and there are also more additional accessory and adapter choices. You can find Lectron chargers in standard charging levels or search by voltage and amperage, because they state both clearly in their part descriptions.

Which is the better choice for your vehicle? That depends on what you drive. Your best option is to shop for the recommended charging power from your manufacturer. Whichever manufacturer matches that, it’s your best option.

Heaters & A/C

Keeping your EV battery charged is especially important in hot and cold weather, because heating and air conditioning units can really suck up power. The more extreme the temperatures in either direction, the more juice it takes to keep you comfortable. On top of that, you have to contend with decreased battery efficiency when the temperature swings high or low. A good EV battery charger can make a big difference when you only have a little while to charge between errands, so it’s a good investment for most electric vehicle owners.

With all of these factors in mind, remember that your best options for EV chargers will probably be found in the same place as your other quality auto parts, maintenance supplies, and accessories. Treat yourself to a few extras that help you make your new EV your own as you shop for the right charging cable, and don’t forget to consider options like seat covers that can preserve your original upholstery and help you preserve the value in your new vehicle.

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