The Bearbrick Outback: Unique Collectibles from Australia

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Official Juice Wrld Merch

Despite facing tragedy in late 2019, the legacy of Juice Wrld lives on in a vast collection of official merchandise. From tees to hoodies...

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Best things to gain from a Shopify Web Design Agency

Fun fact: Shopify started as an online store selling snowboards before it became an e-commerce platform. The founders realized the need for a tool that allowed merchants to own their brand and build relationships with customers, leading to the birth of Shopify. As a platform made by merchants for merchants, Shopify is now a leading e-commerce platform used by over 600,000 stores worldwide. While it is user-friendly, building a site that can attract and engage buyers may take time. If you’re wondering when to hire Shopify developers, here are five benefits your online store can gain from their expertise.

Reasons to hire a Shopify web design agency:

  • They help you develop an appealing and brand-consistent store

The appearance of your online store plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining customers. A visually appealing and user-friendly design enhances your store’s credibility, while a poorly-designed and unresponsive site can drive potential buyers away.

Thankfully, Shopify offers over 100 professionally-made themes categorized by industry, making it easy to find a theme that suits your business. However, hiring Shopify developers and designers can take this one step further by customizing the theme to align with your brand.

A Shopify web design agency can use its skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Liquid to customize your theme. They can also make your store’s design responsive on all devices by utilizing Shopify’s Theme Framework and the Bootstrap framework.

It’s important to consider your company’s branding when polishing your online store’s appearance. Consistent branding is a key factor in a business’s success, as it helps customers to remember your brand beyond your website’s design.

  • They help you with improved SEO

If you’re unfamiliar with the term SEO, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. Remember, it’s a strong indicator that makes hiring a Shopify expert crucial. SEO involves optimizing websites to rank higher in search results, leading to increased traffic and improved quality of visitors. Even if you have a visually-appealing theme, great product images, and a catchy store name, without SEO, your store may go unnoticed by potential customers. Hiring a Shopify expert can ensure your store is optimized for search engines, boosting its visibility and increasing the likelihood of attracting more customers.

  • They let you focus on the chores

As an entrepreneur, it’s crucial to focus on growing your business and leave the custom online store building to professional Shopify developers. While you can explore Shopify’s features and updates on your own, Shopify experts know the platform inside out and are committed to staying updated. Their experience has taught them tricks and best practices in building successful online stores, so let them work their magic while you focus on yours.

  • They help you enhance Shopify’s core functionality

Shopify templates are excellent for basic online stores, but for more advanced customization and functionality, it’s best to hire Shopify developers. These experts can help you connect your email marketing with MailChimp, expand your marketplace to Amazon, sync up accounting software, and more. The Shopify App Store has a wide range of apps and plugins for you to choose from and customize according to your business needs, categorized for easy navigation, such as reporting, customer support, marketing, inventory management, etc.

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