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Best VS Code Extensions for React

Over time, Visual Studio Code developed and become the greatest and most widely used text editor for Java, app, and web developers. The most popular text editor among developers, Visual Studio Code has more than 14 million users globally.

Due to the fact that Visual Studio Code is completely functioning right out of the box, the majority of developers underutilize it. You can download VS Code and begin creating applications and APIs, so this is essentially plug-and-play.


One of the most utilized extensions in VS Code for react js developer is Prettier. The Prettier is used, as the name implies, to make the code appear “beautiful.” Every piece of code should look nice. It should be organized neatly and clearly for the benefit of anyone else working on it. In order to make the code structure appear attractive, the prettier is employed.

VSCode React Refactor

An additional VS Code add-on made specifically for React developers is VSCode React Refactor. Working on large projects might make refactoring difficult. In these circumstances, you may use VSCode React Rework to swiftly refactor your code. It will separate portions of JSX code into new classes, components, and so forth. Additionally, it supports arrow functions, normal functions, classes, TSX, and TypeScript. VSCode React Refactor has received over 1.3 million downloads.

Bracket Pair Colorizer

This plugin makes it possible to identify matching brackets by color. The user will define the characters to match as well as the colors to utilize. The primary objective of this addition is to enable color-based matching bracket separation. Bracket Pair Colorizer is no longer supported because VS Code now provides this feature. There is no need to install them separately, then.


You can navigate and examine code repositories using GitLens, inspect the code authorship at a glance with Git blame annotation and CodeLens, gain insightful information through rich visualization and strong comparison commands, and more.

You can follow the development of the codebase through time, including who made changes and why.

Highlight Matching Tag

The matching starting and/or closing tags are highlighted by this extension. It can optionally display the route to tag in the status bar. Although VSCode offers some simple tag matching, it is only simple. In addition to offering a wide range of stylistic choices to control how tags are highlighted, this extension will attempt to match tags anywhere, including inside of strings, tag attributes, and any files.


A well-known extension for finding defects and problems in code is ESLint. Because it indicates where the potential problem or warning might happen, it aids developers in writing better code that is free of errors and warnings.

Furthermore, it has the ability to automatically repair faults and warnings. You may always read ESLint’s documentation if you want to learn more.

Import Cost

Another great VS Code addon for React developers is Import Cost. A frequent and essential job in the creation of React applications is installing and importing packages. However, importing several packages could cause performance issues. As soon as you import the library in the VS Code editor, the Import Cost plugin shows you the package size to help you choose the optimum installation. More than 2 million people have downloaded it.

Tailwind CSS IntelliSense

Because of the strong utility classes that may help you write more quickly, Tailwind CSS is a fantastic tool that many developers have added to their toolbox.

One problem is that you can forget some of the utility classes if you start utilizing Tailwind at a certain point. With this plugin, you may pick the specific class you want from a list of suggestions as soon as you begin building a utility class.

Another incredible feature is the popup of the actual CSS that will be used when you hover over a certain Tailwind Utility class.

Auto Close Tag

This is one of the most practical additions for React, despite its simplicity. It only performs a very basic function. The auto close tag does exactly what its name implies: it generates a closing tag for an element so that the developer doesn’t have to. An automated closing tag is actually incredibly useful even if it might look basic.


A gorgeous user interface is provided by VS Code, which supports hundreds of languages. Because of its various capabilities, like syntax highlighting, auto-indentation, snippets, and many more, it is regarded as a coder editor that can be used to produce code right away. The aforementioned factors are the main reasons why the majority of React developers like utilizing VS Code for React development. Other than its built-in capabilities, VS Code allows users to add a number of helpful extensions to facilitate React development.

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