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Blackjack 789 – Entertainment Card Game Make Great Money

Blackjack 789BET is one of the most popular games at casinos, online and traditional casinos. In Vietnam every day, thousands of people visit bookies to play this game. So what is so special about Blackjack that attracts so many people? What are the playing secrets to increase the winning rate? Let’s go with 789BET to find the answer in the article below.

1.Learn about Blackjack 789BET

Blackjack is a popular game in casinos and online casinos. This game is also known by many people by the name of blackjack. Before entering Vietnam, this was a very popular game in Western countries, especially in big casinos. However, after many years of integration and development, this game has been present in Vietnam, especially at online casinos and is loved by many players.

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Blackjack 789BET has a fairly simple way of playing, as long as the total number of points on the cards the player owns is between 16 and 21. To increase his score, the player can draw more cards, however if the score is of players in the above range, the winning rate will be higher. A special thing when playing Blackjack is that players will play against the dealer, not directly against each other.

2.Special way to play Blackjack 789BET

It is a game of red and black, but if you rely solely on luck, it is very difficult to win. Therefore, players need to accumulate their own experience and skills. Here are the secrets of playing Blackjack revealed by the masters, save them now:

2.1 Give a specific playing strategy

To be able to win when entering a game of Blackjack, players need to have a reasonable playing strategy. This strategy needs to be outlined in detail before entering the game, this will help you be less confused and not distracted if you receive bad cards. If there is a clear strategy from the beginning, the player will have the confidence to solve the problems that arise when playing Blackjack 789BET.

3.The ability to deduce the card’s ability

This is a very important factor that determines the final result. However, to have accurate inferences players need to play a lot, or follow other players playing previous matches for analysis.

3.1 Sum of two cards from 3-10 points

If the player receives two cards with a total of 3 to 10 points, this is a rather low total score. Therefore, players should choose to draw more cards, drawing more cards will help players improve their score and increase their win rate. People do not worry about drawing more cards when playing Blackjack 789BET at this point because it is very difficult for you to be ripped off.

3.2 The sum of two cards is 16-17 points

If you receive two cards that fall into this range, often players will be very confused about whether to draw more cards or stop. Because if you do not draw, the probability of winning will be low, but if you draw more, it is very likely that the card will be cut. In fact, stopping or withdrawing depends on the situation of the match, now everyone should focus on observing to make the correct decision.

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3.3 Total 2 cards from 19-20

When playing Blackjack 789BET owns a total score from 19 to 20 which is considered a pretty high score. Therefore, players should not decide to draw more cards because the probability of drawing 1-2 points is very low. Many players because of the desire for perfection, draw again, leading to the result of dice.

4.Decided to stop at the right time

The mentality of players when playing and losing many times is to try to play to get back the money they have spent. However, most of the time, if you continue to play Blackjack 789BET, the more players will lose because at this time, the psychology is not stable, leading to incorrect decisions, besides today’s luck is not available. For the best, players know to stop at the right time when they see signs of losing 2-3 games in a row. In contrast to the case of consecutive wins, you must not be too greedy, please stop because the ancients have an old saying “the more greedy, the deeper”.


5.Know how to control risk

One of the things that 789BET Blackjack players need to know is risk control. To do that, the player must calculate the exact amount of each game to minimize the loss of money. For example, the player’s capital is 5 million, the first game bet 200k, if lost, the second game still bet 200k. If the first game wins, the second game will increase the bet to 400k. This will help everyone control risks and not worry about running out of pocket.


Based on the great playing Blackjack 789BET that the article brings, hopefully it will partly help players gain more experience to increase the winning rate when playing this attractive game. If you do not have a gaming account, please visit the website of the 789BET bookie to register to create an account and play the game right away, a lot of interesting things are waiting for you to discover.

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