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Breast Augmentation- Know Everything About it

Breast augmentation is the most common plastic surgery treatment nowadays. It is an operation that involves placing implants under the breast tissue or under the chest muscles. Over time, some factors such as weight change, pregnancy and age can affect the elasticity of the tissue, producing changes in the shape of the breast. Today, women who are dissatisfied with the shape or size of their breasts can achieve the desired change with breast augmentation Singapore.

For some women, breast augmentation is a push to improve their self-esteem, while for others, breast reconstruction is a necessity caused by an illness. In order to obtain the best result, the patient should explain to the surgeon what she looks like. The latter will guide the patient, confirm whether her expectations of her are realistic and advise which type of breast implant is the most suitable and safe for her health. It is absolutely necessary that the patient knows everything about fat transfer breast augmentation singapore. Let’s explore this in this post.

Breast augmentation, what is the operation and its prostheses?

To begin the surgery, the surgeon will make an incision in the area to be treated, which can be Periareolar, Submammary, Axillary or Transareolar.

After that, the surgeon will proceed with the insertion of the chosen prostheses, which can be filled with different components such as:

  • Cohesive gel prosthesis
  • Prosthesis in saline solution
  • Polyurethane prosthesis
  • B-Lite prosthesis

Once the prostheses have been inserted and their correct positioning has been verified, the suture will proceed. Breast augmentation or breast augmentation is a safe and fairly simple operation if it is performed by a good specialist, which lasts more or less an hour and a half.

For this operation, most of the time, general anesthesia is used, and normally the patient does not have to be hospitalized, although in all cases, it will always be the surgeon who will decide the best solution for the patient.

Techniques used for breast augmentation

Breast augmentation can be performed with different techniques, including:

Dual Plane: With the latter technique, a “space” or “pocket” is created between the muscle and its fascia. The prosthesis sits under the gland and fascia and over the pectoral muscle, thus achieving a more natural result

Submuscular: the prosthesis is positioned under the pectoral muscle (suitable for patients with very small breasts), as this type of method develops a much more natural chest both to the eye and to the touch

Subglandular: In this case, the implant is placed directly under the mammary gland in direct contact with the glandular tissue (indicated for patients with sagging breasts ); this method provides extra support to the breast tissue so that the breast sagging

There are other less-used techniques to increase the breasts, including:

Breast lipo filling: Breast lipofilling is the reconstruction of the breasts with fat taken from the patient and then subsequently injected. It has limitations on the expectations of the final result

Hybrid reconstruction: this technique consists of lipo filling plus the insertion of a breast implant; the combination of both techniques offers a more natural process with excellent final results.

In recent years, operations have also been performed with the possibility of putting fat taken from the patient’s body. In any case, thorough medical advice is required by sending photos and answering some questions to clarify what the patient’s needs are and find the best solution for her.

If you are looking for a new beautiful and natural breast in complete safety, visit for fantastic and satisfactory results.

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