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Can You Win Money On Solitaire Cash Without Spending Money?

A fast-paced and addictively fun game such as Solitaire cash can be a great mood booster, especially during a tiring and busy day. Thanks to this mobile app which can be downloaded from an iOS or Android AppStore, you can now take a break from your daily work schedule anytime and enjoy a few games every now and then.

What’s even more exciting is the fact that you can even get some cash prizes while playing this game! If you are already a fan of the old classical Solitaire, then you are going to absolutely love this upgraded version, especially for its unique reward system. Let’s discuss how this app can reward you for playing.

What Is Solitaire Cash?

As we previously mentioned, Solitaire Cash is a mobile-only version of the classic card game of Solitaire. Papaya Gaming, the company that created the game, provides both free practice tournaments and paid-to-play cash tournaments.

Your cash account may be topped up with a credit card, PayPal, or Apple Pay. Additionally, you can use PayPal or a credit card to cash out your winnings, but there is a $5 redemption minimum. is not responsible for any loss of money and possible risks USD to SEK convertor with options trading.

The Samsung Galaxy Store and the Apple App Store both provide free installations of the game. However, the Google Play Store doesn’t have this game, at least not yet.

How does the Pricing work?

Downloading Solitaire Cash and taking part in the practice games are both free. However, to participate in cash tournaments, you must make a real money deposit using a credit card or PayPal account. The entrance fee varies depending on the competition but is often between $1 to $12 each round.

Who Can Play Cash Solitaire? 

The minimum age to download the game from the Apple App Store is 17, while the minimum age to get it from the Samsung Galaxy Store is 18. Unfortunately, people from the following states are unable to participate in cash tournaments:

  •         Delaware
  •         Arkansas
  •         Arizona
  •         Iowa
  •         Maine
  •         Louisiana
  •         Indiana
  •         Maryland
  •         South Dakota
  •         South Carolina
  •         Montana

Is it possible to win money in Solitaire Cash without spending first?

Sadly, players can only earn cash rewards by competing in cash tournaments. And in order to participate in said tournaments, players will be required to pay a fee ranging from $1 to $12. Having said that, this game is a great option if you have the ability to pay those entrance fees.

But let’s not take away from this game’s potential of being hours of fun regardless if you’re earning anything from it or not. The practice mode lets players enjoy the game for absolutely free, so it’s always worth giving it a shot.

Options for Solitaire Cash Rewards

Here’s a deeper look at the ways to add money to your account and cash out your wins.

Options for Easy Funding

Any major credit card (including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) or a digital wallet like PayPal or Apple Pay may be used to credit your cash account. To help players pay the entry fees, the game also gives a deposit bonus of gems and money.

Withdrawals from PayPal

By connecting your PayPal account, you can also cash out your prizes through this easy method. You might also be able to directly collect rewards on your connected credit card through the app, without having to manually transfer the money. 

The minimum cash-out amount is $5, and a $1 processing charge is deducted from the site. However, It might be annoying to pay a withdrawal charge and wait 2–14 days for your money to be processed.

When you withdraw your money, you also lose any remaining bonus cash, which is kind of a bummer. 

What are the Cash Rules for Solitaire?

Solitaire Cash is among the most popular cash-paying games because of its straightforward rules.

Here are the basic rules, which are as follows:

  •       To begin your base stacks (upper stacks), place an Ace of each suit.
  •       Stack the cards on top of each other in ascending sequence, starting with the two and finishing with the King.
  •       To reveal more cards in the table, shuffle and pile cards across the seven lower stacks in decreasing sequence (i.e., King, Queen, Jack, 10) and alternating colors.
  •       Fill in the slots by using the Stockpile.

There is a five-minute time restriction on each game. In order to receive extra points for your remaining time, if you run out of turns, you will always have the option to submit your score early.

The app compares your score with other players with a matching skill level once you finish your hand. After that, a portion of the prize fund goes to the top 3 scores.

Even if you don’t finish in the top 3, you still get experience points, which you may use to level up and earn gems. These gems can then be used to take part in cash tournaments and practice rounds. 

Ways to Gain Points

During a round, there are four methods to get points and finish first, second, or third:

  •         Putting cards in higher stacks (Ace, 2, 3, 4, etc.)
  •         Taking cards out of the bottom stacks
  •         Using the Stockpile of cards
  •         Ending the game early to receive a time-saving reward

Knowing and really familiarizing yourself with the game’s rules will definitely help you recognize the strongest sequences, but it’s also important to move quickly. The time bonus may be the crucial feature in whether you win a reward even with a difficult hand.

What’s more, each player has an identical arrangement of cards to maintain fairness throughout the game. On a side note, if you want to discover other fun cash games, then check out and play games for real money here.

Solitaire Cash: Is It Legitimate?

Yes, Papaya Games’ Solitaire Cash is a legitimate casino game where you can win real money.

With more than 122,000 reviews, the game has a 4.6/5 rating on the iOS App Store. It is the store’s second-most popular card game as of February 1, 2022.

With nearly 700  reviews, this game presently has a 4/5 rating on the Samsung Galaxy Store.

As with any game, you need a high score to win the money; your chances of winning are influenced by your talent and reaction time. Understanding the rules and knowing how to move your cards from the upper and lower stacks can increase your chances of winning, so the word of advice would be to practice as much as possible.


Solitaire cash is a fun and upgraded version of traditional Solitaire. While there is a possibility to earn cash rewards from it, players will first have to pay a small fee to get a chance at winning them. Nonetheless, players looking to relive their nostalgia can always play the practice version and still have lots of fun.

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