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Cast of the Queen (south African Tv Series)

The Queen is a South African television series that first aired in 2016. It follows the story of an ambitious, young female entrepreneur, Harriet Khoza, and her family as they navigate their way through the Johannesburg business and social scene. The show has become one of the most popular and successful South African television series and has earned a large, loyal fan base. The series is known for its diverse and talented cast, which includes some of the top actors and actresses in South Africa.

Cast of the Queen

The Queen stars Connie Ferguson as Harriet Khoza, a single mother and successful businesswoman who owns a successful chain of spas. She is determined to make her mark in the business world and is willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. The cast also includes Shona Ferguson as her husband and business partner, Kagiso Khoza. The two are seen as a power couple as they take on the challenges of their business and family life.

Other important characters include Harriet’s teenage daughter, Goodness Khoza (Loyiso MacDonald), who is struggling to find her place in the world; her son, Thato Khoza (Nat Ramabulana), who is trying to balance his studies and his dreams of becoming a professional soccer player; and her brother, Brutus Khoza (Sello Maake Ka-Ncube), who is a shrewd businessman and Harriet’s mentor.

The show also features many recurring and guest stars, including Siyabonga Radebe as Shaka, Harriet’s ex-husband and the father of her children; Thembi Seete as Mmabatho, Harriet’s friend and confidante; and Mbali Nkosi as Kea, Harriet’s rival and the daughter of a powerful businesswoman.

Actors and Characters

Connie Ferguson stars as Harriet Khoza, the ambitious and determined businesswoman who is the matriarch of the Khoza family. Shona Ferguson plays her husband and business partner, Kagiso Khoza. Loyiso MacDonald plays Goodness Khoza, Harriet’s teenage daughter, and Nat Ramabulana plays Thato Khoza, her son. Sello Maake Ka-Ncube plays Brutus Khoza, Harriet’s older brother and mentor. Siyabonga Radebe plays Shaka, Harriet’s ex-husband and the father of her children. Thembi Seete plays Mm

The award-winning South African television series, The Queen, has just started its fourth season with a stellar cast of talented and gifted actors from various parts of the continent.

The series is a continuation of South African telenovela concept and tells the story of a rising matriarch in the country’s entertainment industry, Mmabatho Montsho who plays the role of the Queen.

The Queen is set in a family-run business and tells the story of a headstrong mother and her determination to make her business succeed despite the obstacles it meets. Mmabatho Montsho leads a strong cast which includes John Kani, Connie Chiume and Shona Ferguson who also appear in the series.

The ensemble has since grown since its premiere in 2016, and stars with known and notable actors and actresses such as Themba Ntuli, Cindy Mahlangu, Yonda Thomas, Olwethu Leshabane and Pelepetle Ntabeni.

The series has been decorated with several awards, including four South African Film and Television Awards for Best Soap or Telenovela, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress.

The Queen recently ended its third season and already fans of the series are looking forward to its fourth as the cast embark on a new adventure of drama, intrigue and even more surprises.

The fourth season is set to explore further themes of ambition, loyalty and success as the Queen continues to struggle with the demands of life. Fans of the series can expect to be taken on a roller coaster ride of laughs, love and heartbreak.

The cast and crew of The Queen have established a family and fans of the show remain loyal due to its unique chemistry, touching stories and gripping plotlines. The cast and crew have gone above and beyond to provide viewers with some of the best stories, music and costumes that South African television has ever seen.

The cast of The Queen has come a long way since its premiere and continues to entertain, engage and inspire its viewers. With its perfect blend of humour, romance and drama, it’s no wonder this series has become a favourite with South African viewers.

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