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Choosing a Sofa for the Living Room

When buying furnishings you need to consider many criteria. For example, the sofa in the living room should be durable and practical, comfortable, convenient and aesthetic, and match the design of the room in color and style.

How to choose a sofa shape

Among the huge range of the most popular are considered straight, angular, modular and semi-circular sofas.


The most common option, which is easy to place even in limited space. The usual place of the sofa in the living room is by the wall, but in a large room it can be put in the center, opposite the home theater, highlighting, thus, the area for rest.

The choice of a two- or three-seat design depends on the number of family members and the size of the room.


Leather reclining sectional sofas are a great choice for those who want to maximize space in their living room while still maintaining a stylish and comfortable atmosphere. These sofas are often located in the corner of the room, allowing for the rational use of space and creating a more open and inviting feel to the area. Even if the sofa has impressive dimensions, it still looks organic and does not overwhelm the room. This is due to the sectional design, which allows for flexibility and customization based on the shape and size of your room. Additionally, leather material offers a sophisticated and luxurious touch to your space, making it an excellent investment for those who value both form and function.

Corner furniture fits well in living rooms of any size, is the best choice for a large family, unfolds into a large sleeping place, which is convenient for overnight guests. Corner sofa in the center of a large room is a good option for zoning. Site:


Furniture-constructor, which consists of several parts of different shapes. Thus, from one set you can assemble a straight sofa model with a pouffe, a corner model and even compose an island composition.

Even during the selection of a sofa, the buyer can decide on the desired design options and choose the most suitable individual parts.


Such sofas in the interior of the living room are not common, since they require large spaces, usually have a stationary design, which does not unfold into a sleeping place.

Semicircular models are excellent for the oriental and modern interior style of the room, can be placed against a wall or zoning the room, great for a large company.

The choice of the frame: to last a century

The frame – the basis of sofa design, which depends on how reliable, quality and durable furniture will be.

Chipboard, MDF, plywood

Sofa with a frame of these materials is relatively lightweight, environmentally friendly and affordable price.

Chipboard frame holds fasteners well, so the furniture will not fall apart even with active use and will last long enough to “work off” the money spent on it.

MDF – a material endowed with all the advantages of wood, but its cost is much less.

Multilayer plywood is a fairly durable material that is resistant to cracking and desiccation.

Often sofas are made by combining particleboard (plywood, MDF) and natural wood. Boxes, backs and other parts are made of boards, while the supporting structure is made of solid wood, which greatly increases the strength and service life of the furniture.

Wood frame

Wooden furniture is valued for its quality, reliability and durability, perfectly copes with the daily pressures and is resistant to deformation.

The performance and cost of furniture will depend on the species of wood. Hard wood (beech, oak, lime) will last for decades, soft pine frame – 10 years or more, depending on the careful handling.

Metal frame

Sofas with a metal frame are available in a variety of models, including quite interesting design solutions, which allows you to pick up a variant for any style of interior. Steel plates are used for internal parts, tubes for the supporting structure and legs. Invisible parts are made of steel, visible parts can be made of aluminum and titanium alloy.

Frame with a beautiful shine – chrome-plated steel, hygienic, resistant to corrosion, fungus and mold, easy to care for. Design with a matte surface – metal, painted with powder paint, resistant to mechanical damage.

Sofas with a metal frame have excellent performance characteristics, are well repairable.

Frameless sofas

What sofa to choose for the living room, if the family has small children? Of course, a frameless sofa. The basis here is high-density polyurethane foam, which holds shape well and quickly restores it after loading.

Such furniture is difficult to break, it has no parts that would fail, and there are no hard parts and protruding corners, which minimizes the risk of injury. In addition, frameless sofas are easy, interesting to unfold and fold up, have mobility, and can stand anywhere in the room.

The ideal upholstered furniture in the living room – with a wooden frame and metal inserts to increase durability.

What is the best filling

What is the best sofa to choose for the living room depends on the budget and the characteristics of the application of the furniture. The type of filler determines the elasticity and durability of the product, as well as comfort during sleep, if the sofa will also be used for sleeping.

The choice of the buyer is a spring block and polyurethane foam.

Spring block

The familiar option, which is in demand, comes in two varieties.

Bonnell block

The system of interconnected springs, which causes some discomfort – the whole block sags under load. Springs can be different in diameter and number per square meter, which determines the stiffness and orthopedic properties of the sofa.

In addition, the blocks are strengthened by a steel frame, which allows them to retain their original shape longer and prolong their service life.

Independent spring block

This kind of spring construction contains modern sofas for the living room. The block consists of many barrel-shaped springs, each of which is enclosed in a separate cover. When loaded, only the part of the block that is affected is deflected.

The advantages of the block of independent springs include reliability, resistance to high loads, flat surface, orthopedic properties, durability.

Polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam is a dense polyurethane foam material, which has good elasticity, able to retain its shape and quickly recover after loading.

Sofa made of polyurethane foam has orthopedic properties, a high level of comfort, excellent strength characteristics and durability. Polyurethane foam does not accumulate dust, is vapor permeable and hypoallergenic.

Soft fillers

In addition to polyurethane foam and spring block, there are other fillers, not so popular, but it is still necessary to briefly characterize them as well.


Such a filler quickly crumples and in two to three years will be in disrepair. But, in combination with other materials, sintepon provides softness and elasticity of the furniture.

Hollow fiber

A modern version of the previous fillers, which are elastic balls that hold their shape well.


Non-woven material, elastic and durable, fireproof, vapor permeable, restores its shape in a matter of minutes.


The filling resembles a spring block, but it is made by the “strutto” method, which implies the fixation of the material with air. This kind of filling is resilient and copes well with prolonged and significant loads.


Consists of fibers glued in a special way. The filler resembles a grass, thick and resilient, lush, soft, elastic, good volume retention.


Natural and very durable filling with high orthopaedic properties, able to take the shape of the body and to recover quickly.


Used as an additional filler in conjunction with the spring blocks, is located under the upholstery, creates warmth and comfort.

So, how to choose a sofa in the living room on the filler, depends on the following factors:

  • durability – spring blocks last up to 10 years, polyurethane foam up to 8 years, foam rubber up to 5 years, other fillers up to 10 years;
  • purpose – if a sofa is planned as an additional place to sleep, then you should choose latex and independent spring units, with an intensive load cope hollofiber and polyurethane foam, for furniture, which will be used infrequently fit any filler;
  • Price – from the cheapest foam, sintepon, hollofiber, medium-price option of polyurethane foam and other man-made materials, to a block with independent springs and natural latex.

How to choose upholstery for a sofa in the living room

When buying upholstered furniture, you should think about how easy it will be to care for the product, and the upholstery is durable and wear-resistant, will not leave scratches and teeth marks on pets, and household coffee and juice stains.

How to choose a sofa in the living room on the quality of the material:

  • Fabric upholstery is the best option for a family with small children or pets. Flock, tapestry, jacquard and other fabrics are waterproof, resistant to wear and damage, easy to clean from stains and dirt.
  • Natural leather – wear resistant upholstery, luxurious and solid, which significantly increases the value of the sofa, comfortable when using the furniture.
  • Eco-leather – material, in appearance and performance characteristics similar to natural leather, but costs much less. To remove dirt, it is enough to wipe the surface with soapy water, then rinse. An excellent option for a sofa that is not planned for intensive use.

The color of the sofa in the living room

What color sofa to choose in the living room, depends on the interior design. The color solution of the furniture should be combined with the rest of the surfaces and details.

For a dark room with colored walls, white furniture is recommended, to white walls will suit a gray sofa. The main rule – the walls and upholstered furniture should differ in color.

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