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Concert Etiquette: How to Prepare for Your Next Live Show

Concerts are always a thrilling and exciting experience, no matter if you attend a live show for the first time in your life or if you are a seasoned concert-goer. Things get even more exhilarating when your favorite band comes near you, and you have some of the best seats in the hall.

Many of us know the feeling of a favorite artist’s concert. You want to fit in, imitate their style, but also show that you are a worthy part of the fan base. And, of course, you can do these things really successfully. Most likely, no one will notice you, but the fact is that you yourself feel better when, for example, you wear a T-shirt of your favorite band or dress similar to the frontman.

But do you know that only that is not enough, nor is securing tickets on time through services like

In fact, there are a few more things to think about, such as comfortable footwear, some snacks, enough water, and the availability of restrooms from your seat or section in the hall.

That is why we have prepared some practical tips for you. You probably already know most of them, but it’s not out of the question to remind yourself before going to a concert.

1. Always Buy Tickets On Time

Buying tickets for your favorite concert in time guarantees you a great experience without worrying about limited stock or unavailability in your favorite block. And if you are one of those who like to plan at the last minute, you should explore where to buy last minute concert tickets. There are plenty of options, but we still believe that when it comes to your favorite band, it’s worth it to hurry, even if it means spending more money.

2. Get Familiar With the Venue

Have you ever attended a concert in that particular venue? Or maybe you will go for the first time? Research the venue to know where the entrance, exits, restrooms, and stands are located. You surely don’t want to arrive there looking confused and not knowing where you need to wait. You can ask for additional information by contacting the venue management or even the ticket sellers because they are always familiar with most of the venues.

Also, you’ll have to explore the parking options if you use your car. Pay attention to the public transport accessibility too.

All these things will help you plan your arrival and make the most of your time there.

3. Plan Your Transportation Options

If you’re driving, make sure to check for parking and traffic updates, and look forward to paid parking spots, to ensure your car is secure. If you’re taking public transportation, make sure to check the schedules and plan accordingly. It’s not just about the schedules, but accessibility too. If the venue requires a long walk from the station and back, you should look for a safer way to get there.

Even though it seems like a small thing, it has a huge impact on the quality of time spent at the concert.

4. Dress Appropriately (or Comfortably)

We are sure you appreciate your comfort, but sometimes it doesn’t mean you are practical at the same time. Most concerts don’t have a dress code, so you are free to wear anything that lets you feel comfortable and confident but also keeps you warm or chill, depending on the weather.

Make sure to check the weather forecast and dress appropriately for the venue. If there is a chance of rain, ensure you take a raincoat because the audience is rarely allowed to bring umbrellas with them.

Some venues may have a dress code, so be sure to check beforehand, especially if you attend some private music event or a gala concert.

5. Get There Early Enough

Most people want to arrive on time or later, and they are facing waiting in the crowd and missing the opening acts. Arrive at the venue early to avoid lines and get a good spot. This will also give you time to grab a bite to eat, use the restroom, and take in the atmosphere.

Additionally, you have enough time to check on the ticket and digital copy you own.

6. Bring Your Essentials

Make sure to bring items like water, snacks, a phone charger, and some cash for drinks. Check if your tickets are with you, as well as the digital versions or some other digital proof like you get when you buy concert tickets with PayPal or other payment systems.

Pack your backpack, but do not overdo it. We suggest taking a small pack of wet wipes, paper wipes, hand sanitizer, or even a small piece of soap. Take your headache medicine, too, because loud music can cause tension. Or, in other words said, bring all the things you find essential for your survival in the crowd.

7. Respect the Artist and Other Fans

Sometimes it seems like we all forget about this while entertaining. But you can show your respect in many ways.

Remember that you don’t show any appreciation by jumping over other people, yelling, and being drunk at the concert. You don’t show respect if you push the other people in order to get close to the scene, even though you have a cheaper ticket. Be courteous to other fans and respect the artist by following the basic rules of good behavior.

And of course, if taking photos and videos is forbidden, respect that, and don’t try to over-smart the organizers.

Final Thoughts

Attending a concert is one of the best things that may happen to you. People pay large amounts of money to get there, so we all must be supportive, with no pushing and yelling at each other. Sometimes concerts can get pretty hot, especially when a fight happens in the crowd.

But we are sure the person who reads this is smart and patient enough not to let those disrespectful things happen.

Finally, concerts are about having fun and showing respect to the artists who put too much time, effort, and emotions into what they do for a living. When you wake up the next day, you have to be happy about the things that happened during the concert, not being sorry for not acting properly or wearing uncomfortable shoes, which can equally ruin the whole experience.

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