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Consult Financial Advisors for Personalized Advice on Fubo Stock Investment

Is Fubo stock a good investment? Fubo is a site dedicated to the fun tour company Fubo that arranges the most important streaming matches of all kinds. Like other sports, soccer has grown in popularity with streaming and has therefore become much more accessible to the fan. Football matches are among the most viewed sporting events all over the world, not just in Europe. Fubo TV is a company that provides sports programming and streaming services. The live streaming service is called FuboTV. They recently filed to go public and are looking to raise at least $350 million which would put the company’s valuation at a billion dollars.

What is Fubo Stock?

FuboTV Inc. is an American streaming cable service that largely distributes live sports channels to clients in Canada, the United States, and Spain. Based on the country, Fubo programs may include exposure to the  NFL, EPL, MLB,  MLS, NHL, CPL, NBA, and world football, as well as news, channel television drama, and movies.

FuboTV, which began as a soccer streaming platform on January 1, 2015, transitioned to an all-sports platform in 2017 and subsequently to a digital multiplex video package dealer (vMVPD) model. FuboTV’s extended channel roster targets cord-cutters, providing a wide range of major television channels and OTT-originated highlights that can be viewed through smart TVs, smartphones and pads, and the web.

In the United States, there are multiple service alternatives with varying channel schedules, along with the standard package, which includes 100+ channels, as well as add-on packages such as Extra, Sports Plus, Latino Plus, and Português Plus.

In November 2021, the company announced that it had surpassed one million subscribers.

On August 4, 2022, FuboTV said that it has 947K customers in North America at the conclusion of the second quarter of 2022, a 41% growth year over year. During the same time period, the company generated revenues of $216.1 million. At the completion of the Russell 2000 Index’s yearly composition in June 2021, FuboTV was included. 

In August 2022, Ryan Reynolds acquired an equity share in FuboTV. The debut of the Maximum Effort Network on FuboTV is part of a co-production agreement that Reynolds, his Maximum Effort company, and Fubo revealed. For the next channel, Reynolds and his crew will produce original material.

Fubo stock: History

Alberto Horihuela, David Gandler, and Sung Ho Choi collaborated to create FuboTV in January 2015. FuboTV launched at a $7 monthly price and provided live feeds from stations that focused on soccer. Fubo changed its focus at the beginning of 2017 to become a more diverse streaming service, including entertainment and news content in addition to soccer and sports from the  NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL. Luminari Capital,  Northzone, AMC Networks, Sky, and Scripps Networks Interactive were among the investors in FuboTV throughout its first five years.

2019 saw the inclusion of FuboTV on Forbes’ list of the Next Billion-Dollar Startups. Fast Company claims that FuboTV continues to market itself as “sports-first,” but instead of positioning itself as “the Netflix of soccer,” it is marketing itself as a direct rival to cable television and live-streaming packages like Sling TV and AT&T TV. FuboTV provided more information about its push into online sports betting in January. By acquiring Balto Sports in December 2020, the business stated that it will be able to create a free-to-play gaming app by the summer of 2021.

Regardless of whether they have a FuboTV subscription or not, the app will be accessible to all customers countrywide.

The business has declared its intention to add free gaming to the FuboTV platform. In addition, FuboTV declared that it will be acquiring the sports gaming startup Victory. And starting its own sportsbook before the year is through. FuboTV will also obtain Vigtory’s pipeline of market access deals as part of the Victory acquisition. Such as a finished deal with Iowa through Casino Queen.

FuboTV announced that it would introduce free-to-play predictive gaming in the third quarter of 2021 in its 2020 earnings report. Additionally, FuboTV disclosed that it had completed the previously disclosed Victory acquisition. It had founded Fubo Gaming to manage its foray into online sports betting. It’s anticipated that Fubo Gaming would introduce Fubo Sportsbook in the fourth quarter of 2021. Additionally, Fubo disclosed that it had inked agreements to join the authorized gaming supplier for both the MLB and NBA. Once Fubo Sportsbook is launched, these agreements will give users access to verified data and incorporate league markings and logos.

How to buy Fubo stock?

Leading US-based broadcasting company Fubotv Inc (FUBO). After closing at $28.91 the previous day, it began the new one at $26.21. The price fluctuated during the day from a low of $28.42 to a high of $29.84. The most recent cost was $28.83. Fubotv Inc. has 530 employees and is listed on the NYSE. US dollars are used to list all costs.

1. Select a brokerage

The first step is to register your own profile with a brokerage company, regardless of whether you intend to purchase FUBO as a big investment or a day trade. It’s critical to select the best broker for your unique investing requirements because your broker will conduct stock orders on your behalf. You can buy stocks of FUBO through any broker in the US.

Consider the following while you search for a brokerage:

  • The price (both per transaction and other annual fees)
  • The typical investor who makes use of the site
  • Whether the brokerage allows trading after hours
  • The brokerage’s covered markets
  • Any research is helpful to the brokerage offerings.

2. Choose the Number of Shares You Want.

You must choose how many stocks of FUBO you want to buy after opening a brokerage account and funding it. Start by assessing the price of FUBO at the moment and determining how much funds you are willing to risk. Always keep in mind that the value of FUBO could decline at any time, so only risk the money you’re prepared to lose. When deciding when to purchase and sell shares, it can be good to look at a long-term chart of the value of fuboTV’s stock.

3. Select the Order Type

You should choose the right order type so that your broker is aware of important details like the price you would really like to pay. You have the most influence over your investment when you choose the best order type.


The bid represents the greatest amount a buyer is willing to offer to purchase a share of stock. This must be taken into consideration when submitting a purchase or sell order.


The asking price is the least amount a seller will take in exchange for a share of stock. Prior to submitting any trades to your broker, it’s also critical to understand this price.


The cost difference between the cheapest ask and the highest bid is known as the spread. Small-cap equities and securities with lesser trading volumes typically have greater spreads, while blue-chip stocks like Apple (AAPL) typically have minimal spreads.

Order in Limit

An order known as a limit order directs your brokerage to purchase shares of a firm at or below a specified price. For instance, you could place a limit order to purchase FUBO for $42 on the market. Your broker will instantly carry out the order if the stock value of FUBO drops below $42 at that time. Your broker will halt purchasing shares if the price of FUBO rises back over $42 before your order is fully filled and wait for the price to drop back below $42. You can have more control over the expenses and risks by placing a limit order.

Economical order

A market order instructs your broker to purchase or sell shares of a company at the going rate on the open market. You run the risk of having your order filled at a price that is not advantageous because this order operates at the current market price. You can instantly execute an order by using a market order, but you give up the price command a limit order provides.

Stop-Loss Directive

A stop-loss order instructs your brokerage to buy your stocks if the price drops below a specified level. For instance, if you paid $42 a share for 10 shares of FUBO, you could place a stop-loss at $39.44. As a reason, your broker will purchase your shares the moment FUBO’s price drops to $39.44. You can more effectively control your risk in the event of market drops by setting stop-loss orders.

Order with Stop-Limit

The elements of a stop-loss trade and a limit trade are combined in a stop-limit order. With this order form, you can specify a maximum and minimum set price. If you decide to purchase FUBO, for instance, you might set a stop price of $42 and a maximum price of 42.50.

4. Implement Your Trade

You may see your broker handle the remainder of the work for you after submitting a finished work order to them. The order type you select and the economic conditions will affect how quickly your order is filled. Most brokers will send you an email or push notification as soon as your order is filled. You might need to replace your order the following day if it is not delivered during normal market hours.

Buy FUBO Stock on Weakness

A digital streaming platform called fuboTV is increasing both its customer base and income. The company’s aggressive expansion strategy reflects its upbeat vision for the future. The management is dedicated to keeping the growth rate high. Investors, though, are awaiting higher and better statistics. They are searching elsewhere for their next investment because the company hasn’t been able to exceed their expectations.

Although FuboTV does depends on marketing to bring in money and turn a profit, its price point is too low to pay the expenses associated with expansion. Their incredibly cheap price point would eventually become unsustainable. To produce significant returns, they will either need to reduce expenses or raise their subscription fee.

FuboTV must cover significant content expenses and receive a portion of customer subscription fees. They project that this cost will represent 102% of Q1 income. Management is aware that it must start supplying on the bottom line if it is to win back investors’ faith. According to a shareholder letter dated May 5, the management has finally accepted what investors have been worried about for several quarters and will concentrate on increasing profitability.

FUBO Stock Performance Year to Date

Investors in FUBO have experienced a very depressing year. The year began off well for fuboTV stock as prospective buyers jumped on board, fueling the momentum increase that we saw in March. However, it turned out to be a great opportunity for savvy investors to reap a profit. The stock’s price fluctuations persisted, but it was unable to maintain its upward pace. Nevertheless, the majority of its larger integrated vMVPD competitors have also had a challenging year. All of the companies on this list have drastically underperformed the market as a whole.

It’s unlikely that fuboTV will report EBITDA stability soon

There is no denying that fuboTV’s income has significantly expanded over the past few years, hitting $156.69M in FQ3’21. Its failure to cut its EBITDA losses has been its biggest annoyance. Readers can immediately see above how its adjusted EBITDA and GAAP losses have gotten worse since FQ1. Investors are therefore understandably anxious about fuboTV’s capacity to achieve profitability. However, because it still sees many chances for expansion, the corporation has been reluctant to commit to a precise schedule. In order to capitalize on its expansion, it is willing to compromise short- and medium-term profitability. Also said by CEO David Gandler, fuboTV “is in a complete growth mode.”

Investors are advised to give fuboTV some time to manage the enormous growth potential it believes its sports-streaming approach will provide in the vMVPD industry. FuboTV’s user base has undeniably continued to grow quickly, as seen by the fact that it hit 945K in FQ3. It happened at a time when the top pay-TV providers together lost 650K subscribers in the third quarter while the top vMVPD providers added 680K members. As a result, fuboTV continues to benefit significantly from the cord-cutting trend.

Within the next five years, the vMVPD market might expand to between 40M and 50M users, according to Gandler.

Gandler predicts that fuboTV’s customer base can reach 3–5 million by 2026 relying on the company’s current market share of 6%, which rose from 2.6% two years ago.

We think that fuboTV has a tried-and-true plan for using sports streaming to keep growing its subscriber base. It’s also obvious that there are still a lot of possibilities for cord-cutting. Nevertheless, a lot of rivals are vying for market share in the vMVPD sector. FuboTV must therefore keep interacting with and earning money from its expanding base of sports subscribers if it wants to develop profitably over time.

Benefits of Purchasing FuboTV (FUBO) Stock

FUBO may be well-positioned for additional stock gains in 2021 as the COVID-19 lockdowns go on and sports betting is permitted in more and more places.

The cost of FUBO has more than increased since it was chosen as the Pre-Market Prep shares of the day on Benzinga on November 11. These drivers may combine with the ongoing effects of the r/wallstreetbets short squeeze to enable FUBO to reach new all-time highs in 2021.

Disadvantages of Purchasing FuboTV (FUBO) Shares

Since its first public offering in October 2020, FuboTV has grown rapidly. It is usually risky to purchase a stock that has increased from $10 to over $60 in a short period of time. Consider that the stock value can drop drastically and without much warning if you decide to invest in FUBO.

Is it time to purchase FUBO Stock?

The current EV/NTM Revenue for fuboTV stock is 2.4x. Since the theoretical momentum spike in fuboTV shares entirely faded out, many investors believe that the stock is extremely undervalued. Although it has a vMVPD business, its pay-TV competitors are also trading at cheap valuations. Additionally, as can be seen from the aforementioned figures, they are also profitable on a GAAP EBITDA basis, but fuboTV is predicted to grow its topline far more quickly.

Every time fuboTV stock sought to overcome its resistance levels in 2021, which are located around the 8x EV/NTM Profitable price, it was confronted with fierce sellers. 

As of November 30, it had a small proportion of float of roughly 15.2%. As a result, if consumers decide to add the stock, we anticipate continued high volatility for the fuboTV stock. Speaking of growth and high potential, this is a perfect moment to mention, a reliable platform for boosting Spotify likes, followers, and plays, enhancing online music presence and reaching a wider audience.

However, we maintain our Buy recommendation on FUBO stock due to its long-term potential. But we think it’s just appropriate for speculative investors. Additionally, if they contribute, investors should feel at ease with the extraordinarily high volatility of the FUBO stock.

Finally, consider your risk level.

Before making investments in FUBO, whether you intend to own it for the long term or just use it as a day trade, do your own research. Even while investing in FUBO has a higher level of risk than purchasing a well-diversified fund, any investment is subject to value loss at any time. Therefore, never risk more money than you can bear to lose when investing.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Is Fubo publicly traded?

FuboTV finished its IPO as a New York Stock Exchange business on October 7, 2020, raising about $183 million in total. On October 8, 2020, FuboTV shares surged 10% in their market debut when they started trading on the NYSE under the ticker name “FUBO.”

2. What is the prediction for FUBO stock?

The median target price among the five analysts that are providing 12-month price projections for Fubotv Inc. is $6.00; the high estimate is $8.00, and the low estimate is $5.00. From the most recent price of $3.38, the median forecast reflects a +77.51% gain.

3. Who owns fuboTV stock?

FuboTV’s owner, FaceBank Group, submitted a number of filings to the SEC on Monday, one of which indicated Disney had acquired more than 6.6 million shares of common stock.

4. Is FUBO stock a good buy Zacks?

According to Zacks’ exclusive data, fuboTV Inc. presently has a Zacks Rank 3, and in the next months, we anticipate an in-line return for the FUBO shares in comparison to the market.

5. How many shorts are in FUBO?

A quick squeeze result. The scale runs from 0 to 100, with 50 representing the average and higher numbers suggesting a greater danger of a short squeeze in comparison to its peers. On June 8, 2022, we revised our scoring model and added the ranking criteria (Float – Short Interest).

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