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CS:GO Live Streaming: How Does It Attract Players and Break Records

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) has recently reached a peak of 1.320 million players on Steam. And this trend keeps going up. Amazingly, a 11-year-old game keeps breaking records and gaining even bigger popularity. This has become possible thanks to live streaming. More details are going to be revealed down there.

Stream as the Top Live Streaming Service

The game’s growth on Steam goes up before every large esports tournament. For example, the IEM Katowice tournament always makes the game’s viewership boost on live streaming platforms. The average number of Steam viewers is around 600K. Upon an esports tournament the viewership increases by 20%.

The largest CS:GO tournament up to this date, the PGL Major Antwerp in May of 2022, accumulated almost 60 million hours watched and reached a peak of 2 million viewers across live streaming platforms. Check this go to site.

Revolution Case Causing a Stir

Valve also introduced a new CS:GO case, known as “Revolution.” Live streaming viewership of the game fell to the 8th and the 9th of the month, mainly due to the break in the IEM tournament. The number of concurrent players on Steam is getting higher and higher. The day the game broke its first record at 1.3 million players was the day before the IEM finale.

The Revolution case broke the record in terms of time. It has been 17 months since the last case. And CS:GO enthusiasts were itching for something new to get back into the game.

CS:GO Steam Viewership and In-Game Players

Understanding the associations between live streaming viewership and in-game players is significant for developing a video game marketing strategy. Considering the live streaming viewership of a game can be an excellent way to determine how interested viewers are in a game.

When exploring CS:GO’s performance through a historical perspective, some trends between live streaming performance and the number of players logged into the game can be observed.

After CS:GO’s release in 2012, it didn’t observe a large audience by the end of 2013. The game constantly increased in popularity and started to see player counts increasing after 2016. After the boom in gaming popularity due to the onset of the pandemic, the average audience soared to an average of 600K players each year.

Live streaming viewership and players of a game are correlated in most cases. This correlation can be used to predict the game’s performance in the long run. Promoting a game through live streaming sessions is beneficial for all parties involved, from the game developers to esports bettors. The main thing is to organize the whole process properly to be able to enjoy the benefits later on.

How To Stream Csgo On Twitch

To stream CS:GO on Twitch, you will download and install Twitch broadcasting software. This can be OBS or XSplit, depending on your personal preferences. Once you are done with it, you will need to register a Twitch account and connect it to your software. Then, you’ll need to configure your settings and start streaming.

Ideally, you stream CS:GO in trusted mode. You will need to launch the game and then start the settings menu. You will need to navigate to the “game settings” tab and then move to the “trusted launch options” section. You will take the box next to “Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for game settings”. You will be able to stream CS:GO in trusted mode by clicking the “stream” button in the main menu.

If you use the default recording software, you will be able to record the live streaming session successfully. You’ll likely need to adjust your settings to address the fast-paced action of CS:GO. Make sure to put your recording quality as high as possible, and consider making records in a lower resolution. After all, your computer can’t manage the strain. You should also try to record in a format that will be effective as much as possible.

CS GO stream is a live broadcast of the average match. It is traditionally produced by an individual player who commentates on the gameplay. Today, players and even bettors are given all the instruments to benefit from their knowledge of the game. Who knows, you can be one of them! 

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