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Detailed Guide to Golf Terminology for Beginners

Golf is a game that’s been around for centuries, but it can still be challenging to follow. If you’re new to golf and wondering what the terms mean, this detailed guide to golf terminology will help.


A birdie is a score of one stroke below par on a hole. A birdie is worth 2 points in match play and 1 point in tournament play.


A bogey is scored when a player gets a hole-in-one on the first or second shot, or when they only get a par on the second shot.

If you’re unfamiliar with golf, this cannot be very clear. A bogey in golf doesn’t mean someone is feeling bad. Instead, it refers to a score of one over par.


A bunker is a sand trap but can also be considered a hazard. The word “hazard” generally refers to any part of the golf course that presents a potential risk to your ball.


The clubhouse is a building where golfers go to eat and drink after a round. The term can also refer to the entire course itself.


A caddy is a person who carries the golfer’s clubs. In addition, they will provide you with the yardage for each hole and keep track of your score. Caddies are not allowed to advise on how to play a shot or tell you which club to use.


The driver is the longest club in your bag, and it’s used to hit the ball off the tee. You can use it for long shots from the fairway or rough and even as a rescue club in bunkers.

A good รถกอล์ฟไฟฟ้า driver should have the following:

  • A large sweet spot that makes hitting shots more accurate
  • An aerodynamic design that gives you the maximum distance when you swing
  • A lightweight shaft for better swing speed


A fairway is an open, level ground between the teeing ground and the green. The primary function of a fairway is to provide a smooth, bowling alley-like surface for the golf ball to travel along. They are usually made of grass or fine sand and can be wide or narrow.

Frozen rope

A frozen rope is a ball that has been hit so well that it will go straight, fast. The term originally referred to a shot made with the driver (a long iron), but now it can be used for any golf shot.


You’ve likely asked yourself what is a gimme in golf if you ever played the game. A gimme refers to a putt so short that it is essentially unmissable. Rather than making your partner roll the ball into the hole, you can give them the shot and count it as holed. The term gimme derives from ”give me” – Will you give me that one?

Hole in one

A hole-in-one is a golfing term for hitting the ball into the hole with only one shot. Most times, this occurs when you play with friends or family and not in a tournament. However, if you get lucky and hit the ball into the cup on your first try, some perks come with it!

Lip out

The ball is just outside the hole. If your ball lands in this area, it will not go in. This is the sweet spot of missed shots that have come close to going in but didn’t make it.

In รถกอล์ฟ, a lip out is when the ball rolls on top of or around the edge of a cup before dropping back out. It’s also called “kissing.”


The term “mulligan” is used in golf and other sports to refer to a do-over. This means you get to try again after the first shot wasn’t what you wanted.

This phrase’s origin is unclear but may have been inspired by a Scottish word meaning fool or simpleton.


Roughs are areas of the golf course that are not mown. They are often long grass but can also be rough, like weeds, bushes, and even trees. Roughs can be found around the fairways and greens of a golf course.

Many players need to avoid hitting into these areas thinking they will find a smooth landing area for their ball to roll out onto the fairway or green when this is not necessarily true for all types of roughs.

Slice and hook (a ball)

To slice or hook a ball means that the ball curves in an unexpected direction, usually to the right or left of where you were aiming. This can happen when the player swings too hard and fast, so they hit the ball in front of them (which causes it to curve). It can also happen when a strong wind blows on one side of the hole, causing your shot to curve from where you want it to go.


When playing golf, a stymie is a situation in which one player’s ball lies directly in the line of play of another player’s ball. The term is derived from the Scottish word for “barrier.”

A stymie typically occurs when players try to hit their balls within a small area, such as near a tree or other obstacle. If this happens, and neither player can move their ball out of the way without interfering with the other one’s shot, then both shots have been “stymied” and must be replayed from where they were originally struck (to avoid damaging equipment).

Tee box (teeing ground) and teeing up the ball.

The tee box is where you stand to hit your first shot. The tee box is marked by two tees on each side of the fairway. You place your ball on one of these tees and hit off that point like any other tee shot.

The goal in golf is to get your ball into a hole in as few strokes as possible. To do this, you must use only one club at a time and not hit it until after it has stopped moving forward (referred to as “impact”), which means that each successful swing will result in one stroke being counted against your score for that hole.


In summary, golf is a complex sport with many different terminologies that can confuse beginners. Knowing these words is important to enjoy the game more and improve your skills as a player. The more you know about the game, the more fun it will be!

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