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Different Types Irrigation Water Pumps for Sale in Kenya

Water pumps are machines for moving or pumping water; they play a big role in agriculture as they move water from its source or a lower level to a higher level from which the water flows through the channel to the field where it is required. Water pumps can be used in many forms of irrigation, such as dripping, sprinklers, or with a hose.

Irrigation Water Pumps in Kenya

This article focuses on the types of irrigation water pumps for sale in Kenya. Due to increased farming practices, technology has also improved and provides farmers with modern water pumps to increase their farming practices and productivity.

Below are different types of irrigation water pumps for sale in Kenya;

Electric water pumps

Electric water pumps use electricity to move water from the source to the field where it is required for irrigation. The system engages once the powertrain starts to overheat. The ECU gets the signal, and it begins the water pump. Some pumps can be positioned in a dry spot, while others can be submerged.

Electric water pumps are less time-consuming and do not require any labor since it uses electricity. It also delivers reliable and steady flow and pressure in the irrigation system, letting higher water flows and pressures than are available from the main water supply.

Diesel water pumps

This type of irrigation water pump is characteristically powered by or uses diesel to pump water. It decreases workers’ labor power, and it is easy to use, move and install with less maintenance and steady performance.

Petrol water pumps

This is another type of irrigation water pump. It is a pump that transfers water from one place to another using gasoline as its source of power. These pumps can run smoothly without an electricity supply. They are aimed to deliver reliable water flow in every state.

Solar powered pumps

These pumps change the rays of the sun to electricity which will drive the water pumps. It utilizes solar panels that gather or harvest the protons from the sunbeams, giving direct current that offers the energy to pump the water. It is environmentally friendly since they do not produce harmful pollutants, which keeps the air and soil on your farm clean and also lowers the operating cost since its energy comes directly from the sun.

Productivity also increases in times of need. For example, the water pump will be more energetic when the weather is very sunny. Its maintenance cost is generally low compared to generator water pumps.


The above are types of irrigation water pumps for sale in Kenya. I hope this article offers some valuable information about different types of water pumps to use or buy. Since irrigation is one of the major activities in Kenya, farmers need machines that can make their farming practices easier and more efficient.

Therefore, you can purchase the above water pumps to improve your farming and increase production. Irrigation pumps are flexible since they are characteristically zoned by field size, crop type, or crop maturation date.

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