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Do You Need a Chinese Tutor in Singapore?

An experienced and qualified Chinese tutor in Singapore can help your children master the Chinese language for both oral and writing skills.

The Mandarin Chinese language is the mother tongue of the majority of the population in Singapore. But it is also one of the hardest languages to master, both orally and in written form, though it is a language rich in a long history and cultural heritage.

One vital contributor to the learning difficulty of the Chinese language is that most Chinese families in Singapore use English for daily communication and conversation. As a result, many students find it difficult to study Chinese because of the lack of practice and understanding. Unfortunately, this decline and negligence to Mandarin are slowly increasing, especially with the younger generation who prefer to speak and text in “Singlish.”

How will parents know if their children need Chinese tutoring?

This is assuming that parents are proficient speakers and writers of Chinese, and can therefore detect mistakes in their children’s use of the language. If not, parents can simply observe their children’s test scores and grades in Chinese subject.

When parents observe their children read Chinese out loud and make frequent pronunciation errors, or struggle with Chinese vocabulary. Also, their children may struggle with written Chinese.

The most obvious observations that parents can make are their children’s steadily dropping grades in Chinese subject, difficulty in doing homework or delaying doing homework, sudden lack of interest even to converse in Chinese, and generally showing signs of difficulty in learning.

If parents notice their children going through any of the issues above, talk to them to understand what areas need to be focused on for more guidance. This will prove useful when parents eventually seek the help of a Chinese tutor and find a tutor that can cater to specific weaknesses in the children and turn them into strengths.

What benefits do parents get from getting Chinese tuition?

  • Chinese tuition can specifically cater to student’s needs

The Chinese language is complex and has many components. Some students can actually excel in some components but face difficulties in others. Chinese tutors are qualified, trained, and experienced in identifying the weaknesses of students and helping them turn these around. This is done through personalised training. The tutors take the time to understand their students and then formulate lessons based on the student’s school lessons plus their learning pace. This allows the student to learn at their own pace and consistency.

  • Increased confidence in the student

When the student sees that his/her grades are improving, they become more confident in their Chinese language outputs. The tutor will do everything to make the student more confident in speaking and writing in Chinese because, after all, it is a mother tongue. The tutor understands that increased confidence in communicating skills in a mother tongue will open many doors for the student in the future. The increased confidence in using Chinese will also open opportunities for higher learning or career options.

  • Exposure to more learning resources

Although limited, the materials provided by schools are good. But tutored students get to utilise additional learning resources prepared, organised, or created by the Chinese tutor. These learning materials and resources can vary from summarised notes from other top schools, newspaper articles in Chinese from outside Singapore, assessment materials, and test or exam practice materials. These materials compiled by the Chinese tutor will be a great help for practising Chinese during the teaching sessions and after.

What qualities should parents look for in a Chinese tutor?

Most Chinese tutors are degree holders of a certain level and have the right language qualifications and training for them to at least tutor. They should be NIE or MOE trained for teaching, making them proficient in teaching Chinese.

Experience is another important aspect. Chinese tutors are clearly marked if they are proficient in teaching Chinese at the elementary, secondary, or JC level. This means parents can choose the best Chinese tutor for their child based on experience and qualifications.

With more than 70% of parents in Singapore searching for the best private tuition for their children, finding the right Chinese tutor in Singapore means you only need to visit one website, FamilyTutor. That’s because the Chinese tutors at FamilyTutor are family-oriented with the highest level of satisfaction. But don’t just take our word for it. Visit our website today and see the details.        

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