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Does Hair Grow Back Thinner After a Brazilian Blowout?

If you are not familiar with this term, then you are probably wondering what Brazilian Blowout is. Brazilian Blowout is a hair smoothing treatment that has been loved by women for a long time.

In a Brazilian Blowout, your hair will be sealed in a specific keratin solution to smooth it out semi-permanently. The rock star protein known as keratin, which is naturally present in hair, skin, and nails, gives strength and protection to outward parts. A protective barrier is formed around each hair strand by the special Brazilian Blowout keratin solution, which also eliminates frizz and gives you shiny, stunning hair. You can also check Remy Human hair closer.


The liquid keratin ingredient used in the Brazilian blowout hair treatment provides a protective coating around each strand of hair by bonding to your hair. This reduces frizz, seals the cuticle, and shields your hair from any damage from the environment. The procedure is followed by blow drying, straightening, rinsing, then blow drying the hair one more. The chemicals become active and bond to the shaft as a result of the heat.

The Brazilian-born components used in the smoothing procedure include açai berries, annatto seeds, and camu camu. Your hair will be left moisturized, less frizz, and more resistant to heat styling after the treatment, in addition to having an outrageously glossy, mirror-like shine.


In permanent Brazilian blow-out hair treatments, formaldehyde is a popular chemical that can trigger allergic reactions and hair loss.

High temperature flat irons are used for these treatments. Your hair’s natural proteins and defenses may be affected by high temperatures, leading to loss, damage, and excessive shedding.

In the end, getting a Brazilian blowout can be bad for both your hair and your health. Formaldehyde is known to cause cancer and is one of its key constituents. Additionally, Brazilian blowouts and other smoothing procedures employ additional chemicals that may have severe side effects or allergies.


The benefits of going the semi-permanent Brazilian Blowout method are numerous:

  1. You’ll save a ton of time in the morning routine because blow drying now takes far less time than it did before to treatment.
  2. The procedure is effective on straight, curly, or somewhat frizzy hair. It works well on both thick and fine hair.
  3. Whether you want smoother hair or desire to preserve your bouncy curls while removing frizz, your hairdresser may tailor it to your preferences.
  4. Your hair is actually strengthened by the protein treatment. It constantly offers a coating of brilliant shine and can help smooth and improve damaged or treated hair.
  5. It is secure for color-treated hair and may even be carried out concurrently with your color refresh visit.


There is no waiting period following a Brazilian Blowout before washing your hair. There is no downtime with Brazilian Blowouts, unlike other keratin treatments where you must stay away from using the water for the first few days. Following your Brazilian Blowout treatment, you can wash your hair whenever you like. However, in reality, that might look a little overstated. After all, why would you want to wash your hair when it is shining, clean, and free of product buildup?

Because the hair fiber will have absorbed all the keratin during the Brazilian Blowout and your stylist will have removed the excess with wash, your hair won’t be thick, stiff, or greasy afterward.

Of course, after using Brazilian Blowout, you’ll feel the need to wash your hair. After 24, 48, or 72 hours it is possible.

Any shampoo and conditioner you use will cause the Brazilian Blowout to slowly fade away.


If you use sulfate and chlorine free shampoo and do not wash your hair regularly your Brazilian Blowout treatment will last for 3-4 months. After 3-4 months you take a break for a few weeks then you can apply this method again.

Brazilian Blowout treatment will make your hair smoother, shineer, and softer sealing your hair with keratin. It may cause damage or hair loss, however with some extra care and love you can overcome this.

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