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Don’t Miss Champions And Heroes Items In The Madden NFL 23 Headliners Event

The Madden NFL 23 Headliners event adds Champions and Hero items such as Justin Jefferson and Jevon Holland that are acquired from sets.

Buy MUT coins from A6K right now! The Headliners program has begun in Madden NFL 23. It is one of the first events of this year’s game. These starting campaigns provide players with the opportunity to get some cards and lay a foundation for the season that just started. The Headliners event includes Champion and Hero items. These are 89 and 86 OVR cards. They are acquired from sets. Look for cheap Madden 23 coins on A6K and you will add these players to your team immediately!

How to Get Madden NFL 23 Champions and Heroes Headliners Items

Justin Jefferson and Jevon Holland are the Champion players of the Madden NFL 23 Headliners program. Their cards have 89 OVR. You will need five 86 OVR Heroes to complete a set and acquire the 89 OVR Champion. You will get the submitted players back as account-bound items. Let’s see the stats for the Champion cards.

Justin Jefferson

Position: Deep Threat Wide Receiver.

Stats: 88 speed, 87 acceleration, 85 agility, giniloh 88 awareness, 55 strength, 89 jumping, 53 return.

Jevon Holland

Position: Zone Safety.

Stats: 88 speed, 87 acceleration, 84 agility, 81 change of direction, 87 awareness, 63 strength, 85 jumping, 87 play recognition, 65 return.

Now, let’s look at the 86 OVR Hero players.

Cory Littleton

Position: Pass Coverage Offensive Linebacker.

Stats: 80 speed, 81 acceleration, 78 agility, 75 change of direction, 84 awareness, 72 strength, 79 jumping, 84 play recognition.

Javonte Williams

Position: Power Back Halfback.

Stats: 84 speed, 83 acceleration, 80 bet6 agility, 79 awareness, 73 strength, 81 jumping, 34 return.

Eddie Jackson

Position: Zone Safety.

Stats: 83 speed, 85 acceleration, 82 agility, 80 change of direction, 85 awareness, 60 strength, 83 jumping, 85 play recognition, 78 return.

Tyler Shatley

Position: Power Center.

Stats: 61 speed, 66 acceleration, 57 agility, 52 change of direction, 85 awareness, 86 strength.

Lane Johnson

Position: Power Offensive Tackle.

Stats: 67 speed, 69 acceleration, 66 agility, 50 change of direction, 85 awareness, 82 strength.

These Hero items are also set rewards. Prepare six 82 OVR and two 78-79 OVR items and exchange them for one of the above Hero cards. All required items must be from the program. Challenges are a fantastic way to earn MUT 23 coins and stars. The stars count towards the milestones that award Headliners XP. The Headliners Field Pass contains several Objectives for solo battle games and house rules that give additional XP.


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