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Easy College Recipes for Students

College is among the best times to order takeaway. It’s true that you’re financially strapped however eating in the dining halls every meal is just a completely stress-inducing experience (source Me, as I ordered delivery at least twice per week to beat the food-related dreads). But what kinds of food do college students buy more often? What are the best college meals? The online ordering platform GrubHub conducted an online survey to discover what the answer is to this and other important issues, and I have the feeling that you’ll be a bit amazed at the findings.

1. Frozen Yogurt

If you believe the research this is the most frequently ordered food item for college students. According to the GrubHub study, students are 162 percent more likely to purchase this food item than the general population. The frozen yogurt might not be the most nutritious option however it’s certainly better for your health than the other options on the menu and we’d like to say a big we salute you, college froyo lovers.

2. Waffle Fries

They could be harmful to your health, but waffle fries are delicious as well. In fact, I’m certain the delicious flavor is one reason why the college crowd is 160% more likely to purchase waffle fries than the average person.

3. Chicken Souvlaki Pita

I was unsure of this until I did a Google search and found out that it’s kind of similar to the pita pocket that has grilled chicken in it which is usually used in Middle Eastern cuisine. It’s actually quite delicious and college students should be extremely knowledgeable! I’m impressed.

4. Chocolate Chip Brownies

It’s making my mouth go sour just contemplating it! It’s no wonder that the college crowd is 137 times most likely to purchase this delicious dessert than us. But I believe it’s about time that we non-students tried in order to keep up!

5. Hibachi Chicken

Another delicious, savory, chicken dish that ranks fifth and college students are nine times more likely to have it than those who aren’t college students. It’s not a problem because a cup of hibachi after a long studying session sounds like heaven.

6. Vegetarian Spring Roll

There’s an increasing amount of vegan students studying at universities, so veggie spring rolls that earn the number six position don’t shock me at all.

7. Sweet and Sour Chicken

The Asian food item is requested 110 percent more frequently by college students than the non-college crowd; I think that college students have the desire for spicy food, or truly love Asian food.

8. Cheese Pizza

The fast food staple is loved by college students all over the world in the sense that they are generally found on college student GrubHub orders. There’s nothing more college-like than a cheese pizza absolutely nothing.

9. Buffalo Chicken Wings

It is one of my go-to fast food options in college, and I’m not shocked to see it appear on the list at the top of the list.

10. Spicy California Roll

The students were 85 percent more likely to purchase this food than non-students. This is consistent with the Asian food theme that we’ve seen repeatedly on this list. Perhaps college students have greater taste than they’re often told.

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