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Essential Farm Equipment for Manitoba’s Changing Agriculture Landscape

Climate change. It’s a topic of conversation between friends and family and an ever-present headline in the news and on our screens.

Not only does climate change affect us personally, but it’s an issue causing seismic shifts in the agricultural and farming industries. Farmers, like those in the Canadian province of Manitoba, are pivoting and adapting to meet the new normal of global warming; they’re anticipating higher temperatures, drier soil, increased CO2, a heightened propensity for extreme weather events and changing rain patterns.

It’s predicted that failing to adapt to this change in weather could see Manitoba crop yields reduced by between 10 and 20 percent. It’s, therefore, essential to evaluate daily processes and seek out farm equipment for Manitoba farmers, specifically the tools and machinery, that will let them work efficiently and precisely. 

Hopper Bins

Climate change may also extend the growing season by approximately ten days. It’s also predicted that the shift in climate will increase levels of CO2, which will positively impact the growth of crops like canola — the province is already one of the top producers of canola in North America.

Failing to invest in quality hopper bins that safely store grain while they await transportation will see months of hard work gone to waste and massive financial losses.

Hopper Bin Aeration

While in the hopper bin, the grain needs to be protected from external elements, which will increase in extremity over the coming decades. Internal fans will reduce storage loss and grain deterioration.

Disk Harrows

If predictions are accurate, and the soil in Manitoba does become drier — dry soil can become crusty as a result of heavy rain followed by high temperatures — a quality and versatile disk harrow will help farmers following the plowing process.

A disk harrow is an essential piece of farm equipment. It’s a secondary piece of tillage equipment that breaks the soil up, improves aeration and reduces weeds. It helps prepare seed beds and promote soil health, meaning that it will work with farmers over the years as the agricultural landscape shifts.

Water Storage

Warmer temperatures, longer periods between rain, milder winters and reduced snowfall will see water storage systems becoming an increasingly important piece of farm equipment for Manitoba farmers.

Infrequent watering during the crops’ critical growth periods can have a detrimental impact on yield.

Grain Analyzers

A grain protein analyzer will give farmers real-time data on the quality of their crops, empowering them to make changes to their processes in line with the landscape to better the crop quality and yield.

Farmers Need to Meet Consumer Wants

It isn’t just essential for farmers to amend their practices and equipment to keep up with the changes to the landscape because of climate change. They also need to meet the changing consumer landscape. 

More and more customers are demanding eco-friendly products and services. By opting for earth-safe fertilizers and equipment with low power requirements, farmers can meet consumer demand.

The Bottom Line

As climate change and customer needs shift, it’s vital for farmers in Manitoba to make sure that their farming equipment can meet expectations. Connect with a local farm store run by seasoned farmers who understand your landscape and its evolving intricacies.

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