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Ethical Considerations in Dissertation Research and Writing

Many students aim for a PhD in their subject of interest after completing their Masters’. While many are successful in getting admission, only 50% of them are able to complete the course successfully. The reason? Well, most of them are not well-versed with the ways to write dissertations and are often caught for being unethical.

The famous academic writing help websites have always been active in helping students with their dissertations and have also noticed why students struggle to meet deadlines. They say that students often look for easy ways to get things done and, consequently, get caught for using unethical means. 

Getting assistance from dissertation help experts associated with websites like MyAssignmenthelp.com is always better than copying or manipulating information. If you have been assigned a dissertation and are not sure about the practices that are considered unethical, this blog is a must-read for you. Go through the points and refrain from doing any of them while writing your paper. 

  • Duplicating Others’ Works

Taking shortcuts in life or while writing academic papers is a crime. So, when you start looking for valid information, you have to avoid copy-pasting others’ works. Students have a tendency to get things done without much effort, but what they forget is that the readers are not fools. They will look for validations to understand your point of view. While there’s no way to deny that the views you come across are based on previously published work, you must not be too dependent on what others have to say. Using information from external sources should only be restricted to support your views. You must never use views from other authors and pass them off as your own. 

  • Manipulating Data

Dissertations and research papers are dependent on raw data that students need to analyze. Now, you have to understand that analyzing raw data does not mean you can manipulate them and turn everything in your favor. Manipulating data is unethical, and you must avoid doing it at all costs. You would get caught even if you are the smartest kid in class. Your professors go through many academic papers every day, and they understand when data is manipulated and when it is properly analyzed. It is highly recommended that you be honest while working on your papers. If you are found guilty, be ready to face serious repercussions. 

  • Conflict of Interest

There will be topics on which you have a preconceived notion and feel the thing you know is correct. Having pre-conceived notion is not wrong, but not declaring it while writing the paper is unethical. For example, if you are asked to write on an argumentative topic, ‘Online vs. Offline education,’ and you have already selected the better of the two, you will invariably have to deal with a conflict of interest. You will ignore the findings that support the ones you do not like and will be unable to justify the paper. The experts recommend all to disclose their personal bias to ensure the papers are justified. As a researcher, you cannot let your personal bias affect the findings. Hence, it is important to keep those things aside and work on the paper with a clear mind. 

  • Consent from the Author

There’s no doubt that you can find all you need on the internet, and it is not possible to reach out to the authors to get consent. What you do is cite the website or the source of information. However, there are certain cases where you might have to read a manuscript to understand and gather relevant information. In such cases, consider talking to the author or emailing them for written consent. There are many cases where authors have raised issues when they came across their works on other websites. So, when you are working on your paper, make sure you don’t have to face such situations. Not taking consent is considered unethical, and you must avoid the same to score well in your papers. 

To end with,

You cannot avoid dissertations or research papers in your academic career. These are the two most crucial papers, and your degree depends on them. So, to ensure you have a smooth run, avoid all the things that might ruin your chances of getting your degree on time. We know how you have to deal with a lot of things in your academic years and how you look for ways to get things done fast. It is always better to get help from an expert than to do things that are unethical. Understand all the things that are considered unethical and refrain from doing them at all costs. 

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