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Everything To Know About Your Electric Water Heater Reset Button

Every water heater comes with a reset button, but what is its main purpose? Why is it necessary to reset your water heater? An electric water heater reset button works as a safety device in a situation when the temperature of the water has exceeded 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Harsh winters and freezing temperatures are almost near; a water heater undoubtedly becomes a savior during these times. With frequent use, sometimes the water heater leads to improper functioning and may result in some issues, and among them, one common issue is extreme temperatures or no hot water supply. During these times, the reset button comes to use, and the best part is that every homeowner can deal with this resetting issue with the help of a professional tutorial or guide.

What Is a Water Heater Reset Button?

Every heater includes a safety switch for emergencies, and one such is the reset button. An electric water heater reset button resembles an emergency button that immediately shuts the water heater down, preventing further damage or accidents. This switch is sometimes also recognized as an ECO switch which stands for ‘Emergency Cut-Off.’

When the water temperature exceeds the standard limit, the heater trips automatically; however, if the tripping is continuous, the reset button comes in use even when the hot water temperature is not that high.

When To Use This Button?

You must have encountered a situation when the heater is switched on, but you do not get a hot water supply. This is a common issue and may have resulted from water tripping. In such a situation, you must push the reset button and help the heaters work as usual.

How To Reset The Water Heater?

Resetting a water heater is quite simple, and you can do this by keeping in mind the safety measures. Some of the simple steps include:

  • Ensure the connection is cut off. After the plug is removed from the electrical board, you can unscrew the cover plates at the bottom of the heater.
  • Remove the installation pad and press the reset button.
  • After you have pressed the button, you must hear a clicking sound. To check if the heater is working correctly, you must rearrange the insulation pad and cover plates. And then, insert the plug with the electrical board and start the heater.

In almost 90% of cases, a reset button restores the function of heaters; however, the remaining 10% is the issue that cannot be solved alone by a homeowner. Even after restarting, it is time to consult an expert if you witness frequent tripping again.

Why Reach Out To An Expert?

An expert can save your water heater from severe damage and other risks. Here are good reasons to reach out to them:

  • Experts can easily find out the root cause and fix them.
  • They can help restore the function of heaters.
  • Safety measures must be followed while working with water heaters; a little mistake can result in faulty circuits and a 240 volt shock.

Final Words

Reset buttons are safe for use whenever you feel there is a need. However, if you are in a situation where you have to use this button frequently, then there must be a significant cause behind the malfunctioning or random trippings. Although resetting heaters can be done by all, finding the root cause behind frequent disturbances is an expert’s job.

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