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Explore Ahmedabad’s Popular Night Scene: Best Cafes In Ahmedabad

Whether it is the curiosity to enjoy Ahmedabad’s street food or the popular nightlife; we promise you that you will leave the city with memories of a lifetime. Apart from the rich culture, idyllic nature, and interesting museums; there is much more to explore here. This city welcomes its tourists with so many street market, club, and restaurant options. So just grab a cab service in Ahmedabad and start exploring.

Keep reading to find out how you can have the best time of your life with family and friends!

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Embrace The Vibrant Atmosphere of Ahmedabad City After Sunset

The city of Ahmedabad gives you a completely unique experience after dawn. There are so many interesting places to enjoy and party at with your friends and family. 

Here are some of the places you can visit after the sun goes down for an enriching experience –

  • Manek Chowk

Are you a fan of street food? If yes then Manek Chowk is the place for you. Famous for its pani puri, bhel puri, pav bhaji, and more; this bustling street of Ahmedabad has become the talk of the town. It is usually open till late at night and is always crowded.

  • Escape

Planning to hit the club? Escape is the place for you. Infused with electronic music and a lively dance floor; this club lounge makes the crowd groove. It has an outdoor setting for the guests to eat and enjoy the natural view this city has to offer.

Ahmedabad After Dark: Engage in Unique and Fun Nightlife

The best way to enjoy the trip is by exploring everything that the city has to offer. The fun and happening nightlife of Ahmedabad is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Check out the pubs in Ahmedabad where you can enjoy delicious meals, gorgeous night views, party mood, and soulful music –

  • Java+

This is a European-inspired café with a beautiful courtyard and is located in a posh area in Ahmedabad. With the combination of yummy meals and exotic beverages. There is even a giant sports screen to enjoy a live match.

  • Rewind the Disc

This is one of the amazing night-outs and is situated in the Himalayan Mall. If you are into party vibes and want to soak in the nightlife of Ahmedabad, this is the place to be. Bring your friends along and enjoy a night of non-stop parties.

  • Amnesia Pool Side Lounge

This pool lounge gives its customers a fine-dine experience and groovy music to show-off dance moves. Creating a royal look and serene atmosphere under the stars; Amnesia is Ahmedabad’s one of the best places to hangout.

  • Ristretto

The “Behind the Rods” club of Ahmedabad is a posh place to visit with your family and friends. This place is continuously packed with crowds because of the music gigs on Fridays. If you are into music and love good food then this place is a must-visit.

Have Fun at Any of The City’s Many Lively Bars, Clubs, and Restaurants

Stepping into the city and not visiting the best restaurants in Ahmedabad? That doesn’t sound right. So, we have gathered a few names of the most happening clubs, bars, and restaurants –

  • Sphere Lounge

This rooftop lounge welcomes you with a giant sports screen, dim lights, and a full-on party mood. People often visit the place for delicacies and drinks that are seldom found anywhere else.

  • Spirit O Soul

This attractive restaurant is perfect for dancing and dining in low lights. Here you would enjoy a live DJ, a dance floor filled with party people, and delicious meals to enjoy.

  • 650 – The Global Kitchen

This is a fine dining restaurant that never fails to offer a memorable culinary experience to its guests. With a special focus on the menu and ambiance; the place stands true to its name and is popular among the natives and tourists.

  • Bayleaf

Bayleaf is a part of Club Marriott and is a north Indian restaurant with an elaborative menu. Known for its top-notch service and an impressive design, the place is a favourite for everyone.

Why Not Go Shopping at The Bustling Night Markets of Ahmedabad?

We have talked about the nightlife but what about shopping? You can’t leave the city with empty bags. Let’s talk about the places you can visit for shopping at night –

  • Lal Darwaja

Lal Darwaza is a crowded yet one of the most loved shopping streets in the city. It is known for its hidden treasures, lip-smacking food, and a place where you can show off your bargaining skills.

  • Sindhi Market

A similar space to Lal Darwaja, this market has a unique charm and is well-known for traditional artefacts, upholstery, and handicrafts. But that’s not it, you can also find saree fabrics and footwear here.

  • Ahmedabad One Mall

The mall is located near Vastrapur Lake and offers a combination of fun, food, and fashion. Visit with your family for an evening of delicious meals, fun-filled gaming zones, and shopping outlets.

  • Iscon Mega Mall

This is an iconic mall of Gujarat and has a stunning design and view. It is where you can spend hours without getting tired as the options for gaming, shopping, and food are endless.

Sip, Savour, and Socialise at The Hippest Pubs in Ahmedabad

Visit Ahmedabad and see the nightlife, it has so many places to make memories. As compared to metropolitan cities, the pubs here are limited but still, not worth missing. Here are some of the hippest joints that you must visit –

  • Cyclone Discotheque

When you and your friends are in a party mood, hit the pub and its ambiance would leave you mesmerised. The place would make you feel like you shouldn’t stop dancing. Even the food and drinks here are going to leave you impressed!

  • Kavach

There are not a lot of places in Ahmedabad that can give you the experience like Kavach. Its lighting, décor, food, and music; everything speaks to you. From grooving to the 80’s jam to electrifying music; you would love being here with your friends.

Indulge In 24-Hour Cafes and Eateries for A Scrumptious Midnight Snack

Are you someone who craves food late at night? Don’t worry as the city has got you covered. Many 24-hour eating joints provide an amazing meal at budget-friendly prices –

  • Chai Shop

This café is located in Hyatt and has a soothing vibe. As you enter the space, you are welcomed with a cordial staff, a peaceful ambiance, and mouth-watering food.

  • Kaffee – Mast Hai

This small and cosy café is an ideal choice for midnight cravings and a good time with your friends. There are several options for mocktails and snacks that would fill your stomach in no time.

Want to visit Ahmedabad On a Budget?

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