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Factors to Consider When Purchasing Outdoor LED Display Screen

If you’re looking to buy a digital signage display, there are many factors to consider. Luckily, we’ve compiled this helpful guide that covers the most important considerations when purchasing outdoor LED display screens.

Outline of the display

Display size

You’ll first want to consider the size of your display. This will depend on how many people you’re hoping to reach and how much space you have available. If it’s just a small business with a few employees and customers, then maybe an 8-foot screen would be enough. However, if your company has many locations or sells products in stores nationwide, it might make sense to invest in something more significant–like a 15-foot display!


Brightness is the amount of light emitted by an object. It is measured in nits, a unit of luminance–the intensity of visible light. The higher the number, the brighter your display will appear to be.

Brightness can be important for outdoor displays because you may want them to be visible in direct sunlight or during evening hours when there isn’t much light available from natural sources like moonlight and street lights. If this sounds like something that could apply to you, then make sure your chosen screen has enough brightness for whatever purpose it will serve!


Resolution is the number of pixels in a display. It’s measured in pixels per inch (PPI), which is essential for text, images, and video. The higher the resolution, the sharper it will look on your screen–but there are other factors to consider!

Resolution is usually measured diagonally, so if you see “1920 x 1080” on an advertisement for a new TV set or monitor, there are 1920 vertical lines with 1080 horizontal ones across them. You can also find this information online by searching for “resolution” plus whatever type of device you want.

Viewing angle

The viewing angle is the angle from which you can see the screen. The wider it is, the more people can see it at once, and vice versa. Viewing grades are usually measured in degrees and range from 30 to 180 degrees.

The viewing angle measures how many people can see the screen at once without it looking distorted or blurry. The more significant number means more people can see it simultaneously and vice versa. If you need a wide viewing angle screen opt for jumbotron screens since the best jumbotron screen has a wide viewing angle and sound color reproduction.

Maintenance costs

Maintenance costs are the expenses you incur when maintaining a display screen. These may include:

The cost of hiring technicians to repair or replace parts of the screen that have been damaged or broken.

The cost of replacing bulbs that have burnt out and other replacement parts (such as light filters).

Several factors affect the overall maintenance costs for outdoor LED screens, including:

The type of screen you have. The size of the screen. The number of times the screen needs to be replaced or repaired over its lifetime. 

Brightness adjustment

Brightness adjustment allows you to control the brightness of your display. If you’re using your outdoor LED display screen in a bright environment, such as outdoors on a sunny day or under direct sunlight, it’s best to have a more colorful display so that viewers can see it. On the other hand, if you want your outdoor LED screen to be visible in low light. It would be beneficial to have an adjustable brightness function because this will allow users to adjust the brightness they want the screen image to display according to the surrounding environment.

Power consumption

Power consumption is an important consideration when choosing an outdoor LED display screen. The brightness of your display will affect its power consumption, so if you need to conserve energy, consider using a lower-brightness model. You can also reduce power consumption by lowering the refresh rate or turning off certain features like anti-glare coatings or built-in speakers.

Digital Signage Solution

It is essential to keep in mind that the digital signage solutions that you purchase from Rise Vision will serve your business for a long time. You will be spending a lot of money on it, so it’s best to ensure that the product is high quality and durable. If you’re looking for an outdoor LED display screen for sale, several factors can help determine which one is right for your needs:

Durability: How long will this screen last? Is it built from materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions, or will it crack when exposed to extreme temperatures?

Features: What features does the manufacturer offer with their products? Do they have any exceptional warranties or guarantees on them? How easy will it be for me as an end user to set up my new purchase at home or work once I receive my shipment?


When you better understand the factors to consider when purchasing outdoor LED display screens, it’s time to decide. We hope this article has provided valuable insights into what makes up a quality digital signage solution and how it can impact your business.


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