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Famous Places in Gangnam Gangnam Underground Shopping Area

Visiting the famous places in Gangnam is an ideal way to explore the history and culture of Korea. These places include the Gangnam Underground Shopping Area, Sulwhasoo SPA, and Bongeunsa Temple.

Bongeunsa Temple

Located in Gangnam, Bongeunsa Temple is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Korea. The temple was first built in 794 during the reign of King Wonseong of Silla. In 1498, Queen Jeonghyeon renovated and renamed the temple. Today, Bongeunsa temple is one of the most important Buddhist temples in South Korea.

Bongeunsa Temple was once a rural area. It rose from rice paddies. Until the 1960s, it was surrounded by farm and garden areas. The temple was rebuilt several times. In the late 1950s, the temple was badly 강남더킹 damaged by fire. The temple was then restored in the early ’70s. In the late ’90s, it was rebuilt again, but it remains one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Korea.

In addition to its traditional Buddhist art, Bongeunsa Temple also features lanterns. The temple displays hundreds of multi-colored lanterns to honor the Buddha. There is a beautiful plant garden in the temple.

Bongeunsa Temple is a great destination for history buffs. The temple is home to a variety of shrine halls. The Panjeon hall is the oldest of the temple’s shrine halls. The interior walls of the hall have 3,000 woodblocks carved with religious art.

Gangnam Underground Shopping Area

Among the many shopping malls in Seoul, the Gangnam Underground Shopping Area has the highest concentration of clothing stores. It also has the largest number of cosmetic and telecommunication stores. There are also many restaurants that can cater to your tastebuds. It’s a great place to spend a rainy day.

In addition to the clothing stores, there are many other things to see and do. There is also an aquarium and a movie 강남초원의집 theater at the Lotte World Tower.

The most important thing to know about the Gangnam Underground Shopping Area is that it’s very close to the Gangnam Station. This shopping area is situated in the heart of Gangnam and it’s the ideal place for you to experience “Gangnam style.”

The Gangnam Underground Shopping Area has many stores, including fashion, jewelry, accessories, shoes, and bags. This mall is also famous for its low prices. Some stores sell items for as low as W10,000. You can also get a discount if you pay with cash.

Gangnam Park

Located in the southern part of Seoul, Gangnam is a vibrant city that is popular among tourists. It has a lot to offer, including shopping, restaurants, clubs, and other cultural attractions. The city also offers plenty of places to relax and unwind.

For those looking for a more relaxing break, a walk along the promenade at Seonjeongneung is a great option. Visitors can take in the beautiful view of the Seoul skyline. This area has a wide variety of restaurants and cafes to choose from.

Another popular tourist attraction is Bongeunsa Temple. The temple is a traditional Buddhist temple that was built in the 10th year of Silla King Weongseong’s reign (794) and features a 28-meter stone statue of Maitreya. It also offers programs to learn more about Korean Buddhist culture.

The area surrounding Gangnam Station is a bustling shopping area with over 210 shops. Most of these stores are located under the subway station.

Another popular place in Gangnam 선릉라이언 is the Underground Shopping Center. Located under Gangnam Station, this mall is a great place to shop. There are over 210 shops, including a central food court. There are also several typical electronics stores.

Sulwhasoo SPA

Located within the Gangnam district, Sulwhasoo SPA is one of the most popular spas in Seoul. The facility offers a wide range of skin treatments to provide holistic beauty. The Sulwhasoo Spa team helps clients select the best treatment based on their needs. The Sulwhasoo Spa treatments include soothing massages, therapeutic treatments and more.

The Sulwhasoo Flagship Store is the largest flagship store in Korea. It was designed by the internationally renowned architect duo Neri & Hu. Its design incorporates Asian culture.

It is also the flagship store of Sulwhasoo, one of the top luxury K-beauty brands. The store is located in the Gangnam district, next to Dosan Park. The Sulwhasoo Flagship store features a SPA and cosmetics. The Sulwhasoo Flagship stores offers an exclusive balm series, premium healing treatments, and store exclusive products. Guests can take advantage of free gift packaging services and panoramic views of Dosan Park.


Sulwhasoo skincare products use traditional Asian medicinal techniques and ingredients to provide anti-aging benefits. It uses plants such as ginseng, which helps reduce dark spots and brightens the skin. In addition, camellia oil is another ingredient in the Sulwhasoo products.

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