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Fast Growing Startups

A startup will always remain at the peak of its popularity because this is a great opportunity to realize your product that will benefit people.

The scheme for success is very simple. If your startup fills a certain need of a person or solves his problem, then he will be successful. The more useful, the more scalable. The basis of most startups is a mobile application. Therefore, if you need help in this direction, then you can always contact


The company bases its activities on large-scale data analysis for companies. The computer engineers behind the project have developed an advanced analytics tool that allows you to analyze data for market research, and explore CRM data for customer segmentation, customer churn prediction, and more.

When a company contracts for its services, the first thing they offer is a tool and advice from a Graphext employee for a two- or three-month trial period. Subsequently, if the company is satisfied with the result, they only need to pay monthly for the software license, the SaaS business.

This startup is in full growth. Twelve people are working on the project and large investors have high hopes for Graphext. They have already worked in such large companies as McDonald’s, Roche Holding, Acciona, and others.

Its founders are Victoriano Izquierdo and Miguel Canton, two from Granada who studied computer engineering at the Carlos III University of Madrid, where the start-up was born. They both wanted to collage photographs of students who had lived in their residence for the past ten years, putting them next to those who were close to each other. This is how the idea of ​​creating data maps was born.

Eye synthesizer

Eyesynth has created a vision gadget for the blind intending to make it easier to experience heightened senses. The tool is based on feeding the healthy feeling with information intended for the damaged feeling. Said data is filtered and translated for the new sensory channel, so they decide to augment the listening experience with spatial information. The brain does all the rest of the work so that those people who cannot see can perceive what surrounds them through this device. This is a unique development that has made life easier for many people, so this company continues to grow and develop.


The education sector is developing very rapidly. Especially after the pandemic, people need different modern platforms that will help simplify learning. Most likely, almost everyone has heard about Preply. This is a unique platform that allows you to find teachers in any field. You can choose them by reviews, country, price, rating, and many other things. This platform brings together the best teachers from all over the world, where students can use their services, so teachers get new clients, and students get cool learning opportunities from the best specialists.


This company is specially designed for those people who want to live a different adventure without leaving their city. This is a company that has revolutionized gastronomy.

Customers hire their services at a standard price per person to dine in a quality restaurant. Up to a certain point, this may seem like something ordinary, but the difference is that users will not know what a gastronomic destination is, that is, it is a surprise. They will be accepted and collected by the staff until a certain time, which will be determined by the participants. The menu will be predetermined, as you can choose in advance whether there is an intolerance problem or food that you do not like. The whole process is done through a web platform that they make available to the most curious people. This is a completely new experience that will interest everyone.

If you also want to implement your project, then choose exactly what will cover the needs of most people. And if your startup is useful, then you can be sure of its rapid development.

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