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Four Fundamental Reasons for Buying International Travel Insurance?


When travelling abroad for study, it is essential to safeguard your journey with an international travel insurance plan. As it is a life-changing decision, we at HDFC Ergo recommend that you refrain from risks on unknown shores. Here are the potential reasons for buying international travel insurance, primarily to seamlessly protect against travel-related risks. Because you never know, uncalled emergencies can ruin your focus during international travel or while studying abroad. Stay tuned to learn more about HDFC Ergo travel insurance.


The world has turned upside down because of the COVID-19 virus. After the pandemic, the norms for travelling abroad have changed drastically. In many countries, it is a mandate to have travel insurance. And if you are opting for international travel insurance, choose one that best suits your parameters in case of a work trip or studying abroad. A conducive insurance policy will cover your entire travel from India to home. Explore more on HDFC ERGO travel insurance plans online and seal the deal with us. The perks are fantastic, and we offer cashless hospitalization, including coronavirus hospitalization. Let us shed some light on four potential reasons why you must buy an international travel insurance plan.

International Student Travel Insurance:

HDFC ERGO recommends focusing on your dream university and a million opportunities once all your admission formalities are completed. Travelling to study abroad is a conscious decision and a medium to carve a niche for many. However, multiple factors can disturb your focus, like – lost/delayed baggage issues, stay disruptions, and loss of passport – safeguard yourself from such potential eventualities with International student travel insurance by buying International student travel insurance, the safest option, with minimal risks.

Types of HDFC ERGO International Student Travel Insurance:

Finalize your destination and research well before you define a country to study or travel to. The world is a classroom; when called to a remote location, we prioritize your health, is customized plans can safeguard you from enormous dilemmas. We have two options for you to kick-start your worldwide journey and safeguard it.

  • Worldwide International Student Travel Insurance Policy
  • Worldwide exclusive of two countries, Canada and USA

Enlisted are the four potential reasons why you must buy an international travel insurance plan.

  • Inclusive of different types of coverage: There are three major types of coverage, travel, baggage, and medical assistance. The perk of opting for the HDFC ERGO international travel student insurance policy is that all three are covered under one policy. Such a policy is a boon in emergency medical assistance because health should always be a priority at home or international boundaries. Also, understand there is a baggage restriction set, but we cover all the baggage delays and losses, if any.
  • Travel security: With HDFC ERGO, you can get travel security, and some premiums are suitable for every type of budget. And this perk is always better than the unwanted costs overseas in case of baggage delay or loss.
  • 24*7 support: HDFC ERGO offers round-the-clock assistance irrespective of the insurance plan. Two powerful tools are the in-house settlement policy and customer service mechanism. In case of assistance, we are just a call away.
  • Cashless hospitalization: Networking helps us to provide cashless hospitalization. We have one lakh plus hospitals that make sure we settle your hospitalization costs and medical expenses. So, this is one of the salient features in case contingency arises.

Things that HDFC ERGO excludes in international student travel insurance policy: This is a quick guide on points that HDFC international student travel insurance policy does not cover.

  • Consumption of restricted intoxicants
  • Pre Identified diseases in your homeland
  • Breach of any foreign laws and regulations
  • Injuries caused due to adventure sports
  • Self-harm of any kind and any form of suicide attempt
  • Cosmetic surgeries or treatments


The conclusive point is that HDFC ERGO international student travel insurance can cover all the risks when you travel abroad. Safeguarding your travel journey on foreign lands is recommended by shortlisting the country you wish to study. It would be best if you took that extra mile before travelling overseas.

International travel insurance is a type of insurance policy specifically designed for travelers planning a trip abroad and provides financial protection against a variety of risks, including medical issues, natural disasters, and theft or loss of valuable items. While travel is an exciting and rewarding experience, there are a variety of unexpected costs that can arise. Whether you’re a globetrotter or a backpacker, it’s important to be prepared and purchase international travel insurance before embarking on your journey. Here are four fundamental reasons why travelers should buy international travel insurance.

First, travel insurance can provide coverage for medical issues. Medical expenses can be exorbitantly expensive, especially abroad. Some countries around the world offer free healthcare services to their citizens, but it may not necessarily cover the costs for visitors. Having an international travel insurance plan can help you cover the cost of any medical emergencies and protect you from financial setbacks.

Second, natural disasters can occur without warning and may threaten travelers’ safety and ruin their vacation. With international travel insurance, your pre-paid travel costs and other expenses will be refunded in case of a natural disaster. In addition, some insurance plans even offer “cancel for any reason” coverage, meaning travelers can cancel their trips at any time and be reimbursed for their pre-paid expenses.

Third, international travel insurance can protect travelers’ valuable items. Travelers are especially susceptible to missing items due to the frequency of trade-offs between destinations and transportation. Whether it’s lost luggage or stolen items, travelers will be able to rest assured knowing their possessions are protected under international travel insurance.

Finally, international travel insurance plans typically include 24/7 access to an emergency hotline, providing English-speaking assistance with legal and medical emergencies. This is particularly useful for travelers who don’t have family or friends in the area to help in such situations.

Ultimately, international travel insurance provides an essential layer of security for travelers. You can relax and enjoy your trip without worrying about any unexpected expenses or safety issues that may arise. Investing in an international travel insurance plan will give you the peace of mind you need to explore the world with confidence.

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